splash  Despite her relatively brief career, Louise Brooks’ image and legacy have proven both universal and timeless. And today, the actress is one of the most popular silent film stars on the internet, or what they used to call “cyberspace”. (Hence the title of this page, “Lulu in Cyberspace”, which goes back to the earliest incarnation of this website.) Except for Charlie Chaplin, Brooks is the subject of more websites and fan pages than just about any silent era star. Additionally, there are dozens of other pages which prominently feature the actress. (Many of those pages are linked-to elsewhere on the LBS.)

Launched in 1995, the Louise Brooks Society was the first website devoted to the actress. Over the years, other pages featuring the actress have come and gone. What follows is a curated listing of some of the websites, fan pages, discussion groups, and tributes related to Louise Brooks, as well as other sites related to silent film, early talkies, the 1920s and the Jazz Age. All together, they help piece together and put into context the story of Louise Brooks. Please note: links open in a new window.

If you have created a site, or if you know of a relevant page not included here, please notify the Louise Brooks Society via its contact page. We are happy to consider any and all worthwhile suggestions for inclusion on this links page. [Not listed here are those few crappy Louise Brooks sites which are little more than aggregates of material lifted from this site and elsewhere.]

 Icons serve as a content guide to the sites listed below.

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LOUISE BROOKS (websites & webpages)

Louise Brooks, Silent Star
— extensive Italian website

Louise Brooks Website (The Dark Woods)
— extensive French website

Brooksie: The Jazz Age Musical
— Swiss site

Das Madchen Lulu
— one of the earlier sites devoted to Brooks

— features uncommon images

Louise Brooks Appreciation Society
— Facebook group

Louise Brooks Fan Club 
— a FanPop page

Louise Brooks Fan Club
— Facebook group

Louise Brooks femme inaccessible 
— defunct French webpages

Louise Brooks, musa do cinema e de uma epoca
— Portuguese webpage

Louise Brooks Shrine
— mini German site

Lovely Louise Brooks 
— a Tumblr collection

— defunct home of the 2005 Louise Brooks festival in Richmond, Virginia

New Coven of Louise Brooks
— Yahoo Group with files and message board

Ricordare Louise
— Italian tribute site


— official LBS on Facebook

LBS Blog 
— a blog on blogger

LBS at LiveJournal 
— home to the LBS blog from 2002 to 2009

— Brooks and books

News of Lulu 
— old LBS Yahoo Group (only partly accessible)

— streaming Louise Brooks and silent film related music

— various music files

— video






IBDb (Internet Broadway Database)

IMDb (Internet Movie Database)


RocWiki (Rochester, NY)

TCM (Turner Classic Movies)