splash  What did critics think of Louise Brooks and Overland Stage Raiders (1938)? Opinion of the film was mixed. Here is a survey, in the form of a number of quotes, from some of the newspapers and magazines of the time. All sources are American.


“This series improves with each new adventure. Starting out as typical cow country stories, Republic has seemingly upped the budget as successive chapters caught on. Raiders is as modern as today, yet contains plenty of cross-country hoss chases and six-shooter activity. . . . Louise Brooks is the femme appeal with nothing much to do except look glamorous in a shoulder-length straight-banged coiffure. . . . Should please juveniles and elders alike.” — Variety

“Fast-moving cowboy and bandit story will entertain the western fans. . . . Wayne, Ray Corrigan and Max Terhune play the lead roles and Louise Brooks makes an appearance as the female attraction. George Sherman directed the picture, and gets a maximum of action and speed from the story.” — Film Daily

“This is another outdoor entertaining picture of the west featuring the Three Mesquiteers. The Mesquiteers are usually fortunate in the selection of their stories. They generally have a workable plot. For the patron, too, they are three stars for divertissement. John Wayne makes his second appearance as ‘Stoney Brooke.’ . . . Louise Brooks is the girl in the case. ” — Motion Picture Herald

“This really good story tells of the efforts of the hero and his friends to establish an airline and carry gold for a mining company. The production is well acted and directed and presents several novel touches, as well as excellent photography.” — Selected Motion Pictures

 “Stony Brooke (John Wayne), Tucson Smith, (Ray Corrigan), and Lullaby Joslin (Max Terhune), are ranchers in Oro Grande county. They also have interests in some mines nearby. The Oro Grande Stage Line has been robbed several times of gold and cattle shipments, and so, to avoid any more losses, the Mesquiteers join with Ned Hoyt (Anthony Marsh), and his sister Beth Hoyt (Louise Brooks) in an attempt to establish an airline out of Oro Grande. The idea is to make the gold shipments by air. Complications follow to make the picture highly interesting.” — Zanesville Signal

Overland Stage Raiders, the Republic Three Mesquiteers picture which opened yesterday at the Imperial Theater, hits a new high in Western film entertainment. Each of these popular stories seems to excel the previous ones, and Overland Stage Raiders is no exception. The action is fast, the plot timely and logical, and the acting far above average.” — Zanesville Times Recorder

“Fast moving cowboy and bandit story will entertain the western fans.” — St. Lawrence Plain Dealer

“The Three Mesquiteers in a modern Western outwit gold thieves.” – Parents Magazine