splash  What did critics think of Louise Brooks and Empty Saddles (1936)? Opinion of the film was mixed, and the film did proved popular enough. Here is a survey, in the form of a number of quotes, from some of the newspapers and magazines of the time. All sources are American.


“This Buck Jones Western must be set below par because of a rambling and cluttery story that is almost menaceless until the last reel or two and then, in the final chase and battle, is confusing and inconclusive.” — Hollywood Reporter

“The yarn has plenty of suspense, numerous spooky situations, a good love theme and enough of the western touch to top a western dueler or fill out the action requirements of a mixed bill and leave the cash customers well satisfied.” — Daily Variety

 “Louise Brooks, cast as a poor trader’s child, is not flattered by the camera, but does a good bit of acting. She is the outstanding femme player in the slight romance.” — Wear, Variety

 “Louise Brooks has quite a dramatic role as the heroine, which she handles very well.” — Film Daily

 “Several new angles and Buck Jones’ usual capable performance as a hard-riding, square shooting son of the saddle makes this an above par offering in the Western class.” — Box Office

 “A somewhat unusual western story, packed with excitement, fast-paced dramatic action, mystery and superb riding.” — Selected Motion Pictures

 “With most of the punch at the end, Jones fans, however, should be satisfied.” — Philadelphia Exhibitor

 “Louise Brooks, formerly star in the silents, is Buck Jones leading woman in a current cowboy thriller, Empty Saddles.” – George Shaffer, Chicago Tribune

 “Of outstanding interest is the fact that the picture marks the return to the screen of lovely Louise Brooks, the Ziegfeld Follies girl who won film fame and then quit pictures at the height of her career. Her brunette beauty and her fine acting making her a splendid leading lady.” — Monessen Daily Independent

 “Tomorrow and Saturday the Antlers will present Buck Jones in another red-blooded action picture, Empty Saddles, with Louise Brooks, Harvey Clark and Gertrude Astor. Buck joins a dude ranch in following a clue and upsets the entire county before he rights a wrong.” — Helena Independent