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Louise Brooks by Eugene Robert Richee
Portrait by Eugene Robert Richee, 1928

lulu  Welcome to The Louise Brooks Society Portrait Galleries. The pages noted below collect and organize photographic portraits of Louise Brooks, certainly one of the most attractive and photogenic actresses of the 20th century. This collection - by no means complete - highlights images dating from the 1920's and early 1930's.

Louise Brooks' remarkable beauty was captured by many of the leading photographers of her time. Among them were Edward Steichen, James Abbe, Nickolas Muray, Alfred Cheney Johnston, Otto Dyar, Edward Thayer Monroe and George P. Hommel. (Later in life, Brooks was photographed by other noted photographers including Horst P. Horst and actor / celebrity portraitist Roddy McDowell.) Studio photographer Eugene Robert Richee - employed by Paramount in the Twenties and Thirties - was the one photographer who captured Brooks' likeness best and most often. His image of the actress holding a single strand of pearls has become something of a 20th century icon. It is, perhaps, the best known and most widely reproduced image of Louise Brooks.

There are more than 150 images contained in the galleries listed below. Images are organized according to various criteria, such as photographer (when known), theme (when appropriate), or photographic session (when apparent). Generally speaking, these galleries focus on studio portraits - though also included are a some publicity stills and fashion shots, as well as a few informal, candid portraits. Not found in these galleries are other forms of imagery - such as movie stills or artistic portraiture. Such material can be found elsewhere on the LBS website. It's also worth noting that many of the images found throughout these galleries contain a serial number, such as P123-123. These numbers, assigned by Famous Players Lasky, Paramount, or other studios, are allied to particular films and photo shoots. These numbers are noted for historical reasons.

Please note: some images of Louise Brooks found on the internet - such as those for sale on eBay - are sometimes cropped, colorized, or digitally altered. In these galleries, preference is given when possible to the original black & white images in their original state. The few tinted or hand-colored examples shown in the LBS galleries were "colorized" at the time, and are presented as variants or vintage examples of their kind.

  • Early Portraits

  • By M.I. Boris

  • By Edward Thayer Monroe

  • Early & Risque Images

  • By Nishiyama

  • By Eugene Richee

  • Jazz Age - Jazz Baby

  • Colfax College

  • The Kimono Session

  • The Speckled Dress

  • Without Bangs

  • Two Portrait Series

  • A 1920's Miscellany

  • A Second Miscellany

  • Brooks at Home

  • Fashion Pics

  • "Beggars of Life"

  • Winter Coats

  • As "The Canary"

  • With G. W. Pabst

  • European Sojourn

  • 1930's and Beyond

  • lulu  Please note that the quality of any given image contained in the LBS galleries depends on its source. Sometimes, that source is far removed from an original print - which now cost hundreds and often thousands of dollars. If you know of other portraits, or can provide further information (i.e., name of photographer, dates, studio number, etc...) or a better scan of any of the images depicted on these pages, please contact the . The LBS is always interested in documentation of any kind. These images - drawn from the collection of the Louise Brooks Society as well as from private sources - are offered here for the edification and enjoyment of viewers. Additional images - as well as additional galleries - will be added on an ongoing basis.



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