splash  The staff of the Louise Brooks Society is composed of Director Thomas Gladysz and Associate Director Christy Pascoe. Gladysz founded the LBS in 1995. He writes, designs and maintains its website and blog, and overseas its research efforts, social media, and public programs. Pascoe has been with the Louise Brooks Society since its beginning. She assists with site design, research, administration, and outreach. Learn more by visiting the About Page.

Thomas Gladysz
LBS Director Thomas Gladysz at “LBS Headquarters” with some of his favorite treasures.
Thomas Gladysz and Christy Pascoe
LBS Director Thomas Gladysz and Associate Director Christy Pascoe at the George Eastman House in November, 2006.
Frederica Sagor Maas
LBS Director Thomas Gladysz and Associate Director Christy Pascoe, with then 99-year old Rolled Stockings screenwriter Frederica Sagor Maas.

Thomas Gladysz has had an interest in Louise Brooks for more than 20 years. He founded the LBS in 1995, and has penned dozens of articles about the actress and her films which have appeared on the Huffington Post and San Francisco Chronicle websites, as well as on examiner.com, Open Salon, and elsewhere. In 2010, Gladysz edited and wrote the introduction to the Louise Brooks edition of Margarete Böhme’s The Diary of a Lost Girl. He also wrote the entry on Brooks for the Encyclopedia of the Great Plains (University of Nebraska Press), and has contributed program notes for the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, Syracuse CineFest, and Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research. Gladysz has curated exhibits on the actress at the San Francisco Public Library, spoken about the actress on television and radio, and introduced Brooks’ films around the world, including the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum, Detroit Institute of Arts, Castro Theater, and Action Cinema in Paris, France.