splash  The Louise Brooks Society needs your help! In its never ending quest to document “all things Brooksie,” the LBS needs your assistance in finding reviews, translating articles, locating hard-to-find material, documenting ephemera, and identifying images. Here’s your chance to get involved. And, here’s your chance to become a contributing member of the LBS. Some current needs are listed below. More will be added on an ongoing basis.



Help is needed is locating newspaper articles about Louise Brooks, especially vintage reviews of the actress’ twenty four films, as well as coverage of her American and Canadian appearances with the Denishawn Dance Company. The LBS is especially interested in acquiring articles and reviews from any Eastern European, Russian, Asian or Australian newspapers. Hundreds of articles have already been found. But more await discovery. Local libraries and university libraries are a great place to start.


The LBS is aware of the existence of the following articles, but has been unable to obtain copies of them. Can you help? As this material may be difficult to acquire, photocopies or high-res scans of originals are happily accepted.

anonymous “Louise Brooks.” De Film, June 22, 1930. (France)
— four page illustrated article; Brooks appears on the cover

Green, Grace. “And This Is Paris.” Screen Play Secrets, July, 1930. (United States)
— article

anonymous. “A carreira de Louise Brooks.” Cinéfilo, October 4, 1930. (Portugal)
— illustrated article

anonymous. “Louise Brooks.” Cinema Illustrazione, April 10, 1935. (Italy)
— brief article looking back at Brooks’ career

Genina, Augusto. “Memorie.” L’Europeo, November 17, December 4, December 11, 1955. (Italy)
— three part article edited by Oriana Fallaci; Brooks is discussed and pictured in part three, “Il muto disse”

Williams, Jeannie. Rochester Times-Union, August 6, 1979. (United States)
— Brooks is quoted in local column in Rochester, New York newspaper


The Louise Brooks Society needs your help in locating copies of the following hard-to-find items. As this material is somewhat scarce, high-res scans or digital copies of original items are happily accepted.

— would like to obtain a recording (and/or transcript) of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Tuesday Night program which aired on November 30, 1971 and which featured a documentary on Charlie Chaplin (the program was prepared for the CBC by George Pratley)

— would like to acquire high res scans of the Spanish, Italian, French or German editions of Lulu in Hollywood, as well as the Barry Paris biography


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Here are some ways you can support the LBS:

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— Sponsor a research trip to one of the following destinations — Rochester, New York; Austin, Texas; Madison, Wisconsin; Topeka, Kansas or the big apple, New York City. Each is home to a library or archive of special interest to the LBS in its quest to document “all things Brooksie.” For similar reasons, the LBS is also interested in visiting Cherryvale, Kansas (Brooks’ birthplace) and Wichita, Kansas (Brooks’ longtime home). Sponsorship to any location would entail a flight from San Francisco, California as well as hotel accommodation for two or three nights. To direct your contribution toward RadioLulu, please contact the LBS.