Louise Brooks
Louise Brooks on the cover of Police Gazette.

splash  The Louise Brooks Society website is home to an online archive whose goal is to document “all things Brooksie.” These digital files survey the material culture of the silent film era and beyond, filling in the details of Brooks’ life and career while helping place the actress in a larger context of her times.

One might ask “how popular was Louise Brooks?” Though never a major star, she was popular enough in the 1920’s that German postcards, American board games, French sheet music and Los Angeles advertisements all featured her image. And so did books, magazines and even a Cuban matchbox. The programs and handbills, for example, reveal how her stardom was used to promote a film, while her image on a magazine or book cover was used in order to sell a publication.

This page serves as a table of contents to the mostly vintage material gathered from around the world and from across the internet.The archive focuses mainly on general movie star memorabilia and specific film related ephemera. There is material related to Brooks’ time as a dancer and showgirl, as well as a large collection of images of books, magazines, programs, and catalogs. A small portion of the material displayed here is contemporary.

Scans of some of the material included in this archive have been generously donated by members of the LBS. New material is added on an ongoing basis. If you know of other ephemera or memorabilia, or can provide a better scan or additional information (i.e., maker or manufacturer, a date, country of origin, etc…), please contact the LBS. Additional documentation is always of interest.

PLEASE NOTE: The Louise Brooks Society archives are being rebuilt and are off-line for the time being. We expect them to be back sometime by the end of the year.

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