splash  What did critics think of Louise Brooks and When You’re in Love (1937)? Opinion of the film was positive, and the film did well at the box office. Here is a survey, in the form of a number of quotes, from some of the newspapers and magazines of the time. All sources are American.


“Louise Brooks, star of the silent screen, is making her screen comeback as a member of the ballet in Grace Moore’s forthcoming Columbia production, When You’re in Love.” — New York Times

“A glib and amusing discussion of things romantic and musical, it is one of the best films Miss Moore has had — a literate, tonic, diverting entertainment that may be, attended by all in search of witty comedy and lilting melody.” — Russell Maloney, New York World-Telegram

” . . . one of the season’s bright spots. . . . Miss Moore has done better acting. She has never looked more lovely.” — Eileen Creelman, New York Sun

“Her best picture . . . one of the best musical romances out of Hollywood.” — James S. Pooler, Detroit Free Press

“Riskin, recalling shrewdly that scenarios were at their level best when minor characters were shuffled around in such a way as to sharpen the importance of majors in the cast, brings the same formula into his direction, and with like triumphant results for the cinema.” — Literary Digest

“The picture is a worthy successor to the long line of Grace Moore triumphs. Her rendition of Minnie the Moocher is alone worth the price of admission.” — Scholastic

“Grace Moore’s new vehicle lurches off to a pleasantly inane start and continues at a good clip thereafter.” — Newsweek

“Robert Riskin has equipped Miss Moore and Mr. Grant with a very amusing screen play and he has directed it to make the most of the humorous aspects of a marriage of convenience.” — Cinemaid, San Francisco Call-Bulletin

” . . . this newest offering of Miss Moore is probably her most pleasant.” — San Francisco Chronicle

“Devotees of Grace Moore say this is her best picture since One Night of Love.” — Norbert Lusk, Picture-Play

“… in general, pleasant entertainment in the traditional pseudo-operatic style which has come to be associated with the screen vehicles of this singer-comedienne.” — Cue

“This is grand entertainment from every possible angle. It will delight any audience and is a cinch to make a bid for box office records.” — Boxoffice

“Be sure to see it. Sparkling comedy, sprightly situations make it ideal entertainment for everyone. Grace Moore’s best picture to date.”  — Motion Picture

“The entire picture has an intrinsic spontaneity for which credit must be given to the writer-director as well as to the excellent work of the players.” — Leading Motion Pictures