splash  What did critics think of Louise Brooks and God’s Gift to Women (1931)? Opinion of the film was mixed, and the film did not do especially well. Here is a survey, in the form of a number of quotes, from some of the newspapers and magazines of the time. All sources are American.


“The cast is notable. . . . Joan Blondell, the blonde, and Louise Brooks, the brunette, are prominent among the principals.” — San Francisco Examiner

“Ethlyne Clair, Louise Brooks and Yola D’Avril are quite convincing as Fay’s former paramours.” — Hubert Gagos, San Francisco News

 “. . . . the other roles are agreeably played by Louise Brooks, Yola D’Avril, Joan Blondell and Charles Winninger.” — Martin Dickstein, Brooklyn Daily Eagle

“Louise Brooks and Yola D’Avril participate zestfully in this conflict.” – Edwin Schallert, Los Angeles Times

“Joan Blondell, Louise Brooks and Yola D’Avril are a trio of snappy charmers.” — Jimmy Starr, Los Angeles Evening Express

 “A cast of feminine lovelies surrounds the star, including Louise Brooks.” — H. David Strauss, Billboard

“Louise Brooks and Tyrrell Davis are prominent in the large assemblage of supporting players.” — New York Times

“Starts rather slowly and takes some time to get into its stride, but it’s an amusing picture, with one or two novel twists to the plot.” — Syracuse Post-Standard