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lulu   As one of the more popular silent film stars on the internet, Louise Brooks is the subject of discussion on various Usenet forums, blogs, message boards, and Yahoo! Groups. This page surveys those areas of the internet. Related sites are noted, and relevant search engines are offered for individuals seeking additional information. If you know of related forums or groups, or know of other listserves or blogs devoted to the actress, the LBS would be interested in hearing from you. Please the LBS with any comments or suggestions.


Usenet forums, more commonly referred to as newsgroups, are bulletin board like postings independent of webpages or email. (Usenet made-up one of the first branches of the internet, and initial postings go back more than twenty-five years.) Louise Brooks has been a topic of discussion on various film-related newsgroups, especially alt.movies.silent and rec.arts.movies.past-films. These newsgroups can be accessed either over the web via Google Groups, or through a newsreader client. (Outlook Express contains a newsreader client, for example.) Some of these newsgroups are also available through a feed, such as RSS or Atom.

In June 2000, a newsgroup devoted entirely to Louise Brooks - named - was created. So far, a few dozen relevant messages have been posted to this now largely inactive board. And in 2004, a Google Group was staked-out by the Louise Brooks Society.

Louise Brooks has also been a topic of discussion on other non-film newsgroups. Some of these newsgroups are devoted to the goth scene, fandom, fashion, gossip, popular music, screenwriting, authors, etc . . . . The best way to find postings is through the Google Usenet Archive, a collection of more than 700 million messages which date back more than two decades. As of January, 2006 more than 3,600 postings reference the actress! Individuals can use the Google groups search engine to generate listings of recent and archived postings. Results can be sorted by relevancy or date. To search newsgroups, enter keywords - such as "Louise Brooks" or "Pandora's Box" - and press the search button.

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The earliest archived newsgroup post mentioning Louise Brooks dates to April 17, 1987. The second dates to June 9, 1989. The earliest archived newsgroup post mentioning the Louise Brooks Society (a query from the LBS itself) dates to January 29, 1996. [ An earlier posting, from October 27, 1995, announces the website. ] The earliest archived newsgroup post mentioning biographer Barry Paris dates to December 1, 1994. These early postings, as well as the ones listed below, are well worth checking out. They document not only the actress' long standing fan base, but also growing interest in Brooks' in the burgeoning internet community.

Re: Vienna Classicists - December 9, 1990

Gender Swapping List V4 - June 8, 1991

Re: Pandora's Box by OMD - October 8, 1991

Re: Men's fragrance for jerks - January 26, 1992

Louise Brooks / Guilt - May 24, 1992

Re: Pabst, Louise Brooks - June 1, 1992

Laserdiscs / Sun Coast - November 20, 1992

Results: most beautiful actress poll! - November 12, 1993

Re: calling louise brooks fans - November 18, 1993

Sandman FAQ: Characters and Plot - Part 1 of 4 - January 10, 1994

Re: Kevin Bacon is the Center of the Universe - April 20, 1994

Re: Berg's LULU - May 5, 1994

Re: Pandora's Box - Lulu murdered? - February 25, 1996

silent era cartoon - March 14, 1996


lulu   Blogs - once known as web logs - are one of the biggest phenomenon to hit the net in recent years. The LBS maintains an active blog called the LBS at LiveJournal. It is "a blog about an actress and a website." Another Louise Brooks related blog is Every Little Breeze: The Blog, which describes itself as "Silent film blog with a central focus on Louise Brooks." Like newsgroups, these blogs can also be accessed via site feeds such.

There are a handful of blog search engines. These include Google Blog Search and Bloogz. Others which come to mind are Technorati and Blogarama. Happy hunting!


lulu   Message boards, an outgrowth of Usenet, are web-based bulletin boards where individuals can post and read messages on a variety of topics. The LBS maintains a long-running message board (currently hosted by ProBoards) which can be accessed here. Over the years, there have been many interesting posts and discussions. Interested individuals are invited to participate. Because of spammers, however, the LBS message board currently requires registration. Another Louise Brooks message board - based in Germany - is "Die Büchse der Pandora."

Interested in finding out what others are talking about? There are a few search engines created specifically for message boards. Two which come to mind are BoardTracker and Omgili. (Please note: individual posts on various message boards have also been indexed by some of the internet search engines, such as Google.)


lulu  A few Yahoo! Groups devoted to the actress have been established. The two most active are The New Coven of Louise Brooks and Lulu-in-Cyberspace. Each have more than a hundred members and as many archived messages. Two other less active, UK-based Yahoo groups can be found at Louise Brooks and Love Never Dies. Interested individuals will want to visit each of these groups to participate or subscribe.

The Yahoo! Group News of Lulu (founded October 1, 2000) serves as home to the LBS mailing list. This site also contains images, links, files, polls and other related material.



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