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lulu  A small, but interesting, body of literature has grown up around the life and films of Louise Brooks. The core group of books includes works both by and about the actress. Louise Brooks' own Lulu in Hollywood was published in 1982, and has been issued in various editions around the world. The same is true of Louise Brooks: Portrait of an Anti-Star (the first book about the actress, from 1987), as well as the outstanding biography by Barry Paris from 1989. In 2006, the year which marks the Louise Brooks centennial, at least one or two new books about the actress will be published. Among them is a coffee table-sized pictorial by the Swiss-based critic Peter Cowie.

There are many titles which feature the actress on the cover. These books range from fiction and poetry to works of film history and criticism. Some are partly about Louise Brooks; others are inspired by her; some bear only a slight relation to the actress. Also of interest to any fan of the actress are earlier titles which served as the basis for Brooks' films - as well as the later novelizations and photoplay editions issued along with the release of the movies. Notably, a number of these books featured Brooks on the cover.

This page is a jumping off point to various LBS webpages which highlight this small, but interesting, body of literature.

Film Source Material
-- an annotated checklist

1988 film diary
1988 Film Diary
rear cover
Lime Tree, 1988
United States

Photoplay Editions
-- annotated, illustrated page on related movie tie-in books

Louise Brooks - Book Covers
-- image gallery of books by or about the actress

Louise Brooks - More Book Covers
-- image gallery of other books with the actress on the cover

Louise Brooks - Calendars, Diaries and Other Bound Material
-- image gallery of other bound material with the actress on the cover











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