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lulu  This page is a jumping-off point to the various bibliographies located on the Louise Brooks Society website. These annotated pages reference, and help organize, the vast amount of material written about the actress. Each of these pages, additionally, contain links to select citations, and thus also serve as a directory to webpages containing both vintage and contemporary articles about the actress. These bibliographies make for interesting reading, really. They are also one of the great assests of this website.

The citations found on these pages date from 1906 to the present. Each of the bibliographies are arranged in chronological order. The material cited comes from books and pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, trade journals, zines, scholarly publications, and websites from around the world. If you know of additional entries, or can provide further information on any of the citations noted on these pages, please contact the Louise Brooks Society via . If you would like to help find vintage newspaper film reviews, please follow this link for suggestions.


Louise Brooks: A Bibliography
-- material from books

Louise Brooks: A Second Bibliography
-- selected references from books



Louise Brooks Bibliography - Periodicals (part 1)
-- magazine and newspaper articles through 1929

Louise Brooks Bibliography - Periodicals (part 2)
-- magazine and newspaper articles 1930 through 1949

Louise Brooks Bibliography - Periodicals (part 3)
-- magazine and newspaper articles 1950 through 1979

Louise Brooks Bibliography - Periodicals (part 4)
-- magazine and newspaper articles since 1980

Other Periodical References (part 1)
-- less significant citations from periodicals, through 1929

Other Periodical References (part 2)
-- less significant citations from periodicals, 1930 through 1949

Other Periodical References (part 3)
-- less significant citations from periodicals, 1950 through 1979

Other Periodical References (part 4)
-- less significant citations from periodicals, since 1980



The Street of Forgotten Men  (1925)
-- a worldwide bibliography

The American Venus  (1926)
-- a worldwide bibliography

A Social Celebrity  (1926)
-- a worldwide bibliography

It's the Old Army Game  (1926)
-- a worldwide bibliography

The Show-Off  (1926)
-- a worldwide bibliography

Love 'Em and Leave 'Em  (1926)
-- a worldwide bibliography

Just Another Blonde  (1926)
-- a worldwide bibliography

Evening Clothes  (1927)
-- a worldwide bibliography

Documentary Films & Television Programs
-- worldwide bibliography of non-dramatic films
Rolled Stockings  (1927)
-- a worldwide bibliography

Now We're in the Air  (1927)
-- a worldwide bibliography

The City Gone Wild  (1927)
-- a worldwide bibliography

A Girl in Every Port  (1928)
-- a worldwide bibliography

Beggars of Life  (1928)
-- a worldwide bibliography

The Canary Murder Case  (1929)
-- a worldwide bibliography

Pandora's Box  (1929)
-- a worldwide bibliography

Diary of a Lost Girl  (1929)
-- a worldwide bibliography
Prix de Beauté (1930)
-- a worldwide bibliography

It Pays to Advertise  (1931)
-- a worldwide bibliography

God's Gift to Women  (1931)
-- a worldwide bibliography

Windy Riley Goes Hollywood  (1931)
-- a worldwide bibliography

Empty Saddles  (1936)
-- a worldwide bibliography

When You're in Love  (1937)
-- a worldwide bibliography

King of Gamblers  (1937)
-- a worldwide bibliography

Overland Stage Raiders  (1938)
-- a worldwide bibliography



Louise Brooks, Denishawn Dancer (part 1)
-- 1922-1923 tour, a bibliography

Louise Brooks, Denishawn Dancer (part 2)
-- 1923-1924 tour, a bibliography

Louise Brooks, Showgirl
-- a bibliography

Louise Brooks, Nightclub & Ballroom Dancer
-- a bibliography

Louise Brooks: Love, Marriage, Divorce
-- a bibliography

Essays and Articles by Louise Brooks
-- published & unpublished writings

The Death of Louise Brooks
-- obituaries and tributes


"Lulu in Hollywood" by Louise Brooks
-- bibliography of reviews and articles

"Louise Brooks: Portrait of an Anti-Star"
-- bibliography of reviews and articles

"Louise Brooks" by Barry Paris
-- a bibliography of the biography

A Tribute-ography
-- annotated listing of Louise Brooks tribute material

Tribute Bibliography (part 1)
-- secondary material, 1920's through 1989

Tribute Bibliography (part 2)
-- secondary material, 1990 through the present

The Louise Brooks Society
-- articles about the LBS



Film Source Material
-- an annotated checklist

Louise Brooks - Vintage Magazine Covers
-- image gallery of vintage magazine covers

Louise Brooks - Contemporary Magazine Covers
-- image gallery of contemporary magazine covers

Louise Brooks - Catalogs and Programs
-- image gallery of contemporary programs and catalogs

lulu  Please note: a few additional bibliographies and checklists related to the life and times of Louise Brooks can be found on the Louise Brooks Studies website. These annotated lists of related works include those devoted to author Frank Wedekind, director G.W. Pabst, the Jazz Age, Berlin in the 1920's, Paris in the 1930's, and so forth. Please visit that adjunct site for more information.



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