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Louise Brooks Tributes: A Bibliography of Secondary Material (part 2)

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lulu  This bibliography includes secondary citations - such as reviews and articles, which refer to various tributes to Louise Brooks. This page includes entries since 1990. Please refer to the Tribute-ography (part 1) for entries dating prior to 1990.

This page is a work in progress. The intention of this bibliography is to be as comprehensive as possible. Most citations represent a substantial or significant article. Some citations are linked to the material cited. (Some links reside on the Louise Brooks Society website, while others exist elsewhere on the internet.) An * indicates that a copy of this citation is held in the archives of the LBS. If you know of additional citations, or can provide further information on the entries noted on this page, please contact the Louise Brooks Society via . If you would like to help find articles, please follow this link. This bibliography has been compiled by Thomas Gladysz, and was last updated in December 2006.

From the 1990's

Dorian. "Lulu at Last." Sydney Morning Herald, August 10, 1990. (Australia) *
--- article about the staging of Berg's opera

Loynd, Ray. "Overwrought Decadence in 'Lulu Plays'." Los Angeles Times, February 8, 1991. (United States) *
--- theatrical review; "What's fun is how familiar this Lulu is to moviegoers. On one hand she's the manipulative, dime-store con of the sexy Annette Bening in The Grifters. And in a wonderful salute to Louise Brooks' definitive Lulu in G.W. Pabst's classic 1928 silent German film, Pandora's Box, Rubinoff and Parker sport shiny Dutch-boy wigs."

Goldstein, Patrick. "It's not easy being notorious." Los Angeles Times, May 5, 1991. (United States)
--- about Madonna; "Watching silent German films from the 1920s, she immediately spots the early works of Dreyer and Pabst. Eyeing Louise Brooks in Pandora's Box, she's absolutely transfixed, murmuring, 'She is so amazing looking!' "

anonymous. "Hollywood Briefs." Hollywood Reporter, September 19, 1991. (United States)
--- "Impromptu screenwriter Sarah Kernochan has given Julia Roberts her script about former screen personality and cult figure Louise Brooks. According to Kernochan, who won an Oscar for the documentary Marjoe, Roberts' Pretty Woman producers Arnon Milchan and Steven Reuther brought Kernochan the project and paid her big bucks to write it after Roberts read Barry Paris' bio of Brooks and decided she wanted to play Brooks. But Roberts, Kernochan said, has been too busy to read the script because 'she's in love.' Roberts had better start turning pages because a rival project -- with Kathleen Tynan's screenplay based on her late husband Kenneth's celebrated New Yorker profile of Brooks -- is already being passed around to directors. Shirley MacLaine, a good friend of Tynan's, will star as an older Brooks being courted in retirement and looking back -- if producer David Picker can find his director before Roberts finds time to read."

Bullard, Kevin. "Mad ideas fuel OMD in its flights of fancy." Washington Times, September 19, 1991. (United States)
--- "Another cut, Pandora's Box (It's a Long, Long Way), is about 1920s silent screen star Louise Brooks, one of Mr. McCluskey's idols. 'I always knew I was going to write a song about Louise Brooks, so I did,' he says. 'It's about and for her.'"

anonymous. "Yours, Lulu: Broadway to Berlin." Back Stage, January 1, 1993. (United States) *
--- review of Yours, Lulu-Broadway to Berlin at Don't Tell Mama in New York City - " . . . musical biography of one of film's most exciting early divas, Louise Brooks, tantalizes with its promise, but leaves one wanting more."

Young, Elizabeth. Shopping in Space: Essays on America's Blank Generation Fiction . New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, 1993. *
--- in a chapter concerning Catherine Texier and other novelists: "The heroine of Love Me Tender is called Lulu, which instantly evokes the prostitute heroine of Frank Wedekind's play Pandora's Box. German film director G.W. Pabst made a film of the play in 1929 with the capricious, wayward American actress Louise Brooks in the role of Lulu .Texier's Lulu works as an erotic dancer at The Blue Night Lounge which in turn evokes further decadence . . . ."

Kendt, Rob. "Yours, Lulu: Broadway to Berlin." Back Stage, January 21, 1994. (United States) *
--- review of Los Angeles performance of Yours, Lulu-Broadway to Berlin - " . . . a musical biography of silent screen siren Louise Brooks."

Stayton, Richard. "Elegantly Crafted Tale of Doomed Love at the Court." Los Angeles Times, January 28, 1994. (United States)
--- review of Yours, Lulu-Broadway to Berlin

Smith, Liz. "Shirley MacLaine Seeks Louise Brooks Role in Movie 'Playland'." San Francisco Chronicle, September 1, 1994. (United States)
--- item in syndicated column; "MacLaine would love to play this role, because she feels Dunne based his character Blue Tyler on the late silent-screen legend Louise Brooks, and Shirley has always wanted to portray Brooks. She thinks [ John Gregory] Dunne's fictionalized version of Brooks' life is brilliant."

Permutter, Donna. "Camera angles: film directors are bringing a cinematic eye to the opera stage." Opera News, August 15, 1995. (United States)
--- "Polanski's best-known films, Rosemary's Baby and Chinatown, are both tinged to varying degrees with the sinister, the forbidden. His Spoleto Lulu, a work for which he would seem ideal, spurred him to go to G. W. Pabst's Pandora's Box (a 1929 movie version of the play with Louise Brooks) for a theatrical framework. 'Suggesting the atmosphere gets you there the way nothing else does,' he says. 'One bedeviling problem is that designers often have a hard time letting you do the simple, direct thing'."

Littler, William. "Festival of dance a showcase for solos." Toronto Star, August 15, 1995. (Canada)
--- "No one who ever saw G. W. Pabst's silent film classic, Pandora's Box, will ever forget that dark-haired mantrap Louise Brooks as the seductive, Wedekind-inspired Lulu."

Rettenmund, Matthew. Encyclopedia Madonnica. New York: St. Martin's, 1995. *
--- contains two references to Madonna's copying of Brooks' hairstyle ("Madonna's going for the Louise Brooks look with her severe bangs and arch make up"), as well as an entry on Madonna's use of aliases : "Madonna has used a variety of aliases, including . . . 'Lulu' (after silent siren Louise Brooks) during her Who's That Girl tour."

Goulart, Ron. "The Many Lives of Dixie Dugan." Ron Goulart's Comics History Magazine, no. 2, Winter 1996. (United States)
--- pages 10 - 13, part one of a three part article

Thomas, Kevin. "At Long Last, Antonioni's 'Identification'." Los Angeles Times, December 12, 1996. (United States) *
--- review of Michelangelo Antonioni's Identification of a Woman; "Tomas Milian stars as Niccolo, a successful film director whose wife has just left him and who seeks a relationship with a woman that will actually mean something to him and who can inspire him in his work. (No wonder he stares at a still of Louise Brooks.)" - Los Angeles, California newspaper

anonymous. "A Caixa de Pandora." webpage, circa 1996. (Brazil)
--- review of the novel by Alexandre Santos Lobão

anonymous. "A Caixa de Pandora." webpage, circa 1996. (Brazil)
--- about the novel by Alexandre Santos Lobão

anonymous. "Resenha: 'A Caixa de Pandora e outras histórias'." webpage, circa 1996. (Brazil)
--- review of the novel by Alexandre Santos Lobão

Moor, Paul. "In Berlin, a 'Lulu' for the Past and the Future." International Herald Tribune, Febuary 26, 1997. (France) *
--- "Mussbach's set design sporadically incorporates enormous cinematic projections of Lulu's head on almost every flat vertical surface available - an apparent homage to Louise Brooks in G. W. Pabst's silent film classic, from which Aikin has copied that actress's trademark helmet of black bobbed hair." - review of Berlin production of Berg's opera, Lulu

Carter, Kevin L. "Readying Jazz Opera 'Lulu Noire'." Philadelphia Inquirer, May 30, 1997. (United States) *
--- article in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania newspaper

Goulart, Ron. "The Many Lives of Dixie Dugan." Ron Goulart's Comics History Magazine, no. 3, Spring 1997. (United States)
--- pages 15 - 17, part two of a three part article

Stearns, David Patrick. "Seduced by a modern-day 'Lulu'." USA Today, June 6, 1997. (United States) *
--- "Created by turn-of-the-century author Frank Wedekind, immortalized in the Louise Brooks film Pandora's Box and in Alban Berg's opera Lulu, she's a sexual banana peel. Men and women alike slip on her, sliding into such a netherworld of addictive desire that they die for her without even being asked to. A potent metaphor for obsession, she seems utterly modern in her newest incarnation, Lulu Noire, a jazz opera that just finished brief runs at the Spoleto Festival USA in Charleston, S.C., and at the American Music Theater Festival here. . . . and the simultaneous clips from Pandora's Box."

Barker, Paul. "Keeping up appearances." Independent, July 12, 1997. (England)
--- article on Angela Carter's Shaking a Leg; "She pays homage - almost heroine- worship - to Louise Brooks, another female dandy." - London newspaper

author unknown. "Leader of the hacks." The Scotsman, July 19, 1997. (England)
--- article on Angela Carter's Shaking a Leg mentions Brooks; national newspaper of Scotland

Goulart, Ron. "The Many Lives of Dixie Dugan." Ron Goulart's Comics History Magazine, no. 4, Summer 1997. (United States)
--- pages 13 - 15, part three of a three part article

Fleming, Michael. "Sorvino crosses to 'Bridge.'." Variety, August 18, 1997. (United States)
--- "The plot takes on similarities to the 1929 German film Pandora's Box. Essentially, Sorvino's character is Lulu, the heroine portrayed by Louise Brooks in the original silent film."

anonymous. "Free film screening: It's simply divine, meine Liebchen." Independent, October 5, 1997. (England)
--- mention of Brooks article on film festival; London newspaper

Ashby, Arved. "Berg: Lulu." American Record Guide, November-December 1997. (United States) *
--- review of recording of Berg's Lulu - "I would have liked to see Travis Preston's production, to judge from the photos in Chandos's extravagant booklet - he outfitted Lulu to look like Louise Brooks in Pandora's Box, G.W. Pabst's silent film adaptation of Wedekind's Lulu story."

Yaeger, Lynn. "Michelle Korn's ophelia unbound." Village Voice, November 11, 1997. (United States)
--- mention of Brooks in an article on the fashion designer; "The show, called 'Hollywood Gothic' is dedicated to the souls of old movie queens, and each model is dressed in homage to obscure goddesses - Nita Naldi, Theda Bara, Louise Brooks - of the silver screen."

Zekas, Rita. "Pinsent takes a pigtail view of powersuit world." Toronto Star, April 19, 1998. (Canada)
--- Brooks is mentioned; "Pinsent has a couple of projects pending, a film called Win . . . Again, with her father and, possibly, a play about Louise Brooks with her mother."- Toronto newspaper

anonymous. "Students show passion for fashion." Evening News, May 14, 1998. (Scotland) *
--- "Sources of inspiration for the fashion collections ranged from 1920s film star Louise Brooks to the African desert landscape, while theatre students took Richard III and Heaven and Hell in Barcelona as their themes." - mention in Edinburgh, Scotland newspaper

Levy, Emanuel. "Lulu on the Bridge." Variety, May 18, 1998. (United States)
--- "In the first scene, jazz saxophonist Izzy Maurer (Keitel) is in a nightclub restroom, staring at photos of Hollywood's glamour queens, including Louise Brooks, hung on the wall."

Leirado, Pablo Rodriguez. "Lulú y el instinto devorador." Sitio al margen, 1998. (Argentina)
--- long, illustrated article about a theater piece based on Frank Wedekind's plays with a Brooks look-alike

Knelman, Martin. "Pandora's box (Louise Brooks inspires authors and playwrights)." Financial Post Magazine, September 1998. (Canada)
--- article on page 18

Doelen, Joan Vander. "Janet Jackson." Toronto Star, September 28, 1998. (Canada) *
--- brief write up regarding Janet Musil's play; "Actress Leah Pinsent is Lulu (the younger version of real-life actress Louise Brooks) in Jane Munsil's play Emphysema (A Love Story), at Tarragon Theatre (30 Bridgman Ave.) from Sept. 29 to Oct. 25 . . . In preparation for my role in Emphysema, I've watched quite a few Louise Brooks videos. Pandora's Box was the quintessential film that made her a star in the 1970s. When it came out in the 1920s, it was panned in the U.S. primarily because her acting was modern and realistic, which was unusual in that day."

Coulbourn, John. "A Love Affair with Smokes." Toronto Sun, October 1, 1998. (Canada)
--- regarding Janet Musil's play; "Historically, it's not exactly up there with the meeting of Caesar and Cleopatra, but what transpired when critic Kenneth Tynan met the aged and failing silent screen star Louise Brooks . . . ."

Posner, Michael. "Ashes to ashes: Victoria's Janet Munsil was so taken by the relationship between bad-girl actress Louise Brooks and bad-boy critic Kenneth Tynan that she put it into a play. Quite a smoky play." Globe & Mail , October 3, 1998. (Canada) *
--- article regarding Janet Musil's play in Toronto, Canada newspaper

Ranier, Sergio and Russo, Miguel. "Los guiones sentenciosos y el amor por el cine." La Maga. (Argentina)
--- interview with Adolfo Bioy Casares in which he speaks about his fondness for Louise Brooks

Ranier, Sergio and Russo, Miguel. "Autocronología." La Maga. (Argentina)
--- chronology of Adolfo Bioy Casares' life which mentions Brooks

anonymous. "Altstätter Sandro Moreni inszeniert 'Jazz Age Musical' über Brooksie." Rheintalische Volkszeitung, February 19, 1999. (Switzerland)
--- short article about the "Brooksie" musical

Cassani, Alberto. "Intervista a Guido Crepax." Ink, March, 1999. (Italy)
--- interview with the cartoonist

anonymous. "'Brooksie' - das Jazz-Age-Musical." Rheintalische Volkszeitung, March 18, 1999. (Switzerland)
--- short article about the "Brooksie" musical

Mount, John. "Silent movie: Chris Marker." Sight and Sound, July, 1999. (England)
--- review of exhibition; " . . . is a beautifully assembled and simple installation that honors cinema's centenary and connects with Chris Marker's past obsession with cinema and the mechanisms of memory. The imagery for the exhibition comes mainly from films made prior to 1940, including close-ups of Clara Bow, Louise Brooks, and Greta Garbo."

Bilodeau, Martin. "Paul Auster: une série de rendez-vous manqués." Le Devoir, October 2, 1999. (Canada)
--- Brooks is mentioned in article about the Paul Auster film; Montreal newspaper

Dimec, Nike. "Lulu na mostu (Lulu on the Bridge)." Megaklik, July 29, 1999. (Czech Republic)
--- Brooks is mentioned in this review of Paul Auster's film

Borsero, Cássia. "Paul Auster estréia na direção em O Mistério de Lulu." webpage, 1999. (Brazil)
--- Brooks is mentioned in this review of Auster's film

Rainer, Yvonne. A Woman Who...: Essays, Interviews, Scripts . Baltimore, Maryland: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999. *
--- a few references to Pandora's Box including this instance as Rainer answers: "Then I got turned on by the Pabst film with Louise Brooks, Pandora's Box. In '71, Lives of Performers ends with these tableaux vivants, and there is a gun. I'm reenacting the series of published production stills from a scenario of Pandora's Box. So these artifacts of melodrama are being introduced into my work, and I am aware of a whole new set of connotations . . . ."

From the 2000's

anonymous. "Timelock." webpage. (Netherlands)
--- Dutch rock band, one of whose albums was titled Louise Brooks

anonymous. "Écoutez les extraits de l'album 'Louise Brooks Avenue'." webpage, c. 2000. (France)
--- about the French pop music group Lady Godiva

Turrent, Tomas Pérez. "Paul Auster: Las cajas de Pandora." Siempre!, January 13, 2000. (Mexico) *
--- long article about the author and Lulu on the Bridge

Greer, Darroch. "Fade to Black: Philip and Belinda Haas, Filmmakers." Millimeter, August 1, 2000. (United States) *
--- "Currently, Belinda is writing Lulu in Love, a film about the silent film actress Louise Brooks, produced by Martin Scorsese and Barbara De Fina . . . ."

Bowen, Christopher. "Dreams can come true." The Scotsman, August 6, 2000. (England)
--- article on the musical Lulu - Sometimes in Dreams; national newspaper of Scotland

Wilson, Sue. "Edinburgh Festival 2000 review: Musical - Lulu." Independent, August 10, 2000. (England)
--- "This nightclub-set musical by Denmark's Odense Internationale Musikteater - all sensually decadent red velvet drapes, thigh-slashed satin dresses and smoky half-light - draws its inspiration from the Pandora's Box legend, by way of the plays of Wedekind and the 1929 Louise Brooks movie." - London newspaper

author unknown. "In love with Pandora." Scotland on Sunday, August 13, 2000. (England)
--- article on the musical Lulu - Sometimes in Dreams; national newspaper of Scotland

Corinne, Tee A. "Yup, That's The Old Bag." Lambda Book Report, Sptember 1, 2000. (United States) *
--- "Bachardy, who made notes shortly after each drawing was made, peppers his accounts with revealing quotes, such as Louise Brooks saying, "There are two or three things I like having done to me...and big pricks are best for those particular jobs." - mentioned in review of Don Bachardy's Stars In My Eyes

Martin, Marie-Hélène. "Hanna est Louise." Libération, September 27, 2000. (France)
--- short article

Beltzer,Thomas. "Last Year at Marienbad: An Intertextual Meditation." Senses of Cinema, October, 2000. (Australia) *
--- discusses Last Year at Marienbad and The Invention of Morel

Thomson, David. "Every Picture Tells a Story." Los Angeles Times, October 1, 2000. (United States)
--- review of Don Bachardy's Stars in My Eyes; Brooks is mentioned and pictured

Alberti, Carmello. "Magie d'Hanna - Louise." La Nuoeva Venetia, October 5, 2000. (Italy)
--- this page on the l'Humanite contains an Italian article about Hanna Schygulla

anonymous. "Super Girl / Sweater Girl." Toronto Star, October 13, 2000. (Canada) *
--- "The whole film is based on one hotel room, the stories of the different people who stayed in the room over a century. It starts in the 1920's and Sylvia is the first person to stay there. She's a flapper, based on Louise Brooks and is basically sold off by her mother to an older man." - Toronto newspaper

Bara, Guillaume. "Elle ! Louise Brooks, un hommage signé Hanna Schygulla et Roberto Tricarri à la première ' anti-star d'Hollywood'." l'Humanite, October 16, 2000. (France)

anonymous. "Elle! Louise Brooks Carte blanche à Hanna Schygulla." webpage, 2000. (France)
--- webpage on Hanna Schygulla's performance

Carrière, Jean-Claude. "Hanna Schygulla - Elle ! Louise Brooks." webpage, 2000. (Germany)
--- film festival webpage on Hanna Schygulla's performance

Ferrari, Nicoletta. "Elle! Louise Brooks Biennale di Venezia - Spettacolo." 2000. (Italy)

Lefèvre, Raymond. "Elle! Louise Brooks Le journal d'une fille perdue." webpage, 2000. (France)
--- webpage on Hanna Schygulla's performance

anonymous. "Louise in Love." Publishers Weekly, November 6, 2000. (United States) *
--- review of Louise in Love by Mary Jo Bang

Rosenthal, Daniel. "Exit Mavis, enter Thelma as Louise." Times, November 8, 2000. (England) *
--- on the actress who played Brooks in the English production of Smoking with Lulu; London newspaper

anonymous. "Elle! Louise Brooks." L'Express, November 9, 2000. (France)
--- short article

Keck, William. "News & Notes/Flashes: Don't Speak." Entertainment Weekly, November 10, 2000. (United States)
--- about Return to Babylon, an indie film about silent-movie stars; Catherine Oxenberg is set to play Brooks

Billington, Michael. "Spanks for the memory." Guardian, November 11, 2000. (England)
--- review of Smoking With Lulu at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds; Manchester newspaper

Bassett, Kate. "Theatre: The Tarantino of Jacobean melodrama goes to the dogs." Independent, November 12, 2000. (England)
--- article on Janet Munsil's Smoking with Lulu; London newspaper

Clapp, Susannah. "What a Lulu." Observer, November 12, 2000. (England)
--- review of Smoking With Lulu at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds; London newspaper

Kingston, Jeremy. "Bubbling Brooks." Times, November 13, 2000. (England) *
--- article on the actress who played Brooks in the English production of Smoking with Lulu; London newspaper

Cavendish, Dominic. "Two past greats, one of the year's best plays." Daily Telegraph , November 16, 2000. (England) *
--- review of Janet Munsil's Smoking with Lulu at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in London newspaper

Taylor, Paul. "Arts: Theatre - A cigarette that bears a lipstick's traces." Independent, November 16, 2000. (England)
--- article on Janet Munsil's Smoking with Lulu; "The silent movie legend Louise Brooks, and the far-from-silent theatre critic Kenneth Tynan both set out to be breathtaking, and succeeded in spades." - London newspaper

Giacomo, Antonio Di. "Hanna." La Repubblica, November 29, 2000. (Italy)
--- page 11

Baltake, Joe. "'Free': What film's part of you?" Sacramento Bee, December 8, 2000. (United States) *
--- review of Set Me Free (Emporte-moi), a French Canadian film by Lea Pool; "In another scene, Hanna's father makes the girl cut her shoulder-length hair. The experience crushes her - until she fashions it to look like the Louise Brooks bob that Karina wears in Vivre Sa Vie. Hanna is later attracted to a girl at school named Laura (Charlotte Christeler), probably because she wears her hair the same way."

Frayling, Christopher. Sergio Leone: Something to Do With Death. London: Faber & Faber, 2000. *
--- "Other Leone advertisements in the 1970s and 1980s included one for Galaxy washing-up liquid (1986, a thin veil is lifted from a table and blows out of the window, while a woman resembling Louise Brooks in Pandora's Box looks at the revelation of a spotless dinner service, and sees her boyfriend reflected in the wineglass) . . . . ;"

Miller, Keith. "Smoking with Lulu." Times Literary Supplement, March 1, 2001. (England)
--- review of Janet Munsil's play

Kirby, David. "Louise in Love." New York Times Book Review, March 4, 2001. (United States)
--- review of the book by Mary Jo Bang; "(It) is a verse novella that caroms here and there but essentially revolves around a certain Louise, based loosely on the film star Louise Brooks, and a cast of Scott- and Zelda-like characters."

anonymous. "Faint praise." Daily Telegraph, March 21, 2001. (England)
--- brief article in London newspaper

anonymous. "Elle! Louise Brooks." L'Express, March 22, 2001. (France)
--- short article

Diatkine, Anne. "Hannah Schygulla donne voix à Louise Brooks." Libération, March 26, 2001. (France)

Cruz, Clarissa, Lee, Alice M. and Quitkin, Megan. "Oscars 2001 / The Fashions: Act 3 The Fashions You are who you wear--at least on Oscar night. Our picks for the 10 best and 5 worst looks." Entertainment Weekly, April 6, 2001. (United States)
--- " 'My outfit is inspired by the character Lulu,' says Binoche, referring to Louise Brooks' famed alter ego. Why it didn't work: The flapper-meets-dominatrix look was everything a sophisticated Frenchwoman should avoid."

anonymous. "Feraud's Fall Line Evokes Screen Sirens of Yore." Toledo Blade, May 6, 2001. (United States)
--- Scripps Howard News Service story; "The fall 2001 collection of Louis Feraud embraces vintage fashions and ideas with genteel enthusiasm, calling on the glamour gals of yore for inspiration.The collection takes moods and themes from mostly midcentury movie stars: Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly, Greta Garbo, Kim Novak, and Louise Brooks, a film star in the 1920s and '30s." - Toledo, Ohio newspaper

Jackson, Kevin. ".Film: The divine Miss K gets real" Independent, June 29, 2001. (England)
--- article about Anna Karina; "Godard, saturated in the history of film, certainly insinuated that she was an avatar of that same feminine cinematic principle that had previously been made flesh in Louise Brooks and Maria Falconetti." - London newspaper

anonymous. "Film stars inspire Feraud 2001 collection." Washington Times, August 2, 2001. (United States)
--- "The collection takes moods and themes from mostly mid-20th century movie stars: Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly, Greta Garbo, Kim Novak and Louise Brooks."

Williams, Jeannie. " 'Fatale' attraction: Glamorous Hair." USA Today, November 2, 2001. (United States) *
--- book review of Serge Normant's Femme Fatale; "Julia Roberts, Normant's client for nearly a decade, is the cover girl. But it's tough to recognize her, minus that smile and long hair, in a dark bob à la silent-film star Louise Brooks. (It's a wig.)."

Cook, Mark. "Thelma and Louise." Evening Standard, February 7, 2002. (England) *
--- review of Smoking With Lulu production at Soho Theatre And Writers' Centre; London newspaper

Koenig, Rhoda. "Natural Eyre to the role." Independent, February 9, 2002. (England) *
--- article about the Smoking With Lulu production at Soho Theatre And Writers' Centre; London newspaper

De Jongh, Nicholas. "Sex and symbolism." The Evening Standard, February 18, 2002. (England) *
--- review of Smoking With Lulu production at Soho Theatre And Writers' Centre; London newspaper

Nightingale, Benedict. "Tantalising elegy to a fantastical encounter." London Times, February 18, 2002. (England) *
--- review of Smoking With Lulu production at Soho Theatre And Writers' Centre; London newspaper

Gardner, Lyn. "Smoking With Lulu." Guardian, February 19, 2002. (England) *
--- review of Smoking With Lulu production at Soho Theatre And Writers' Centre; Manchester newspaper

Koenig, Rhoda. "Smoking with Lulu, Soho Theatre, London." Independent, February 20, 2002. (England) *
--- review of Smoking With Lulu production at Soho Theatre And Writers' Centre; London newspaper

Sunderland, Charles Spencer. "Stars shine through the gloom." Daily Telegraph, February 21, 2002. (England) *
--- review of Smoking With Lulu production at Soho Theatre And Writers' Centre; London newspaper

Hemming, Sarah. "A smoky whiff of decadence and decay." Financial Times, February 22, 2002. (England) *
--- review of Smoking With Lulu production at Soho Theatre And Writers' Centre; London newspaper

Gross, John. "Theatre." Sunday Telegraph, February 24, 2002. (England) *
--- review of Smoking With Lulu production at Soho Theatre And Writers' Centre; London newspaper

Szalwinska, Maxie. "B.C. playwright tests West End waters: Janet Munsil's fantasy about a great English critic takes on a tough crowd." Vancouver Sun, March 9, 2002. (Canada) *
--- review of Smoking With Lulu production in Vancouver, Canada newspaper

Hampton, Howard. "Once upon America." Film Comment, July /August, 2002. (United States) *
--- article about the Breakaway, a short experimental film by the Wichita-born artist Bruce Conner - "But as Conner intricately and lovingly dices and splices together different angles, exposures, and frame rates of her movements into a blindingly fast montage, then runs the whole of the song and footage backwards, his searing, tilt-a-whirling-dervish rhythms take the film into another realm altogether. It reveals itself to be a rock-and-roll meditation on the Gnostic spirit of Martha and the Vandellas, weighing the salvation held out by Dancing in the Street against the damnation unveiled by Nowhere to Run, together with a secret silent film in which Basil is transformed into a onewoman army of the night: not merely a hippie Theda Bara, but Conner's Musidora, his Falconetti, his Louise Brooks."

Maclean, Colin. "Smoking and Mirrors." Edmonton Sun, August 23, 2002. (Canada) *
--- review of Smoking With Lulu production at the Fringe Theatre; Edmonton newspaper

Nicholls, Liz. "Emphysema boasts pizzazz, but gasps for air." Edmonton Journal, August 23, 2002. (Canada) *
--- short review of Smoking With Lulu production at the Fringe Theatre; Edmonton newspaper

author unknown. "Emphysema boasts pizzazz, but gasps for air." Ballet Review, Fall, 2002. (United States)
--- includes reviews of an evening of contemporary choreography presented by the Maryinsky Theater in St. Petersburg (Russia), which included Giuliano Pepperini's Lulu: the dream of anti-star (inspired by silent move star Louise Brooks, to a collage of music by Alban Berg, Kurt Weill, Alexander Zemlinsky and Erich Korngold)

Long, Vanessa. "Richard Lowenstein." Senses of Cinema, February 2003. (Australia) *
--- "Lowenstein has recently alluded to the fact that Anya's character in He Died With A Felafel In His Hand is loosely modeled on, and intended as a homage to, the kind of characters played by Anna Karina, Louise Brooks and Maria Falconetti in the films of Godard, Pabst and Dreyer, respectively (See: Lowenstein and Long, 2002). Indeed, if you watch the film carefully, you can spot Danny gazing at photos of these actresses on the wall of his bedroom in each of the share-houses in the film, in what becomes one of its more notable visual tropes."

Ballerini, Giovanni. "Ricordare Louise." Scanner, February 20, 2003. (Italy) *
--- review on Italian website of Ricordare Louise by Vincenzo Rezzuti and Vera Ambra

Medina, Marcy. "Viva la Shiva." WWD, April 8, 2003. (United States) *
--- article about actress Shiva Rose McDermott, "In Silent Madness, the feature-length film, McDermott, 29, played none other than silver-screen legend Louise Brooks."

Porton, Richard. "The Flanders Film Festival." Cineaste, Summer, 2003. (United States) *
--- "Several special events supplemented the standard film programming. A gala event at the Ghent Opera House entitled Elle! Louise Brooks combined a screening of a beautiful 35mm print of G.W. Pabst's silent classic, Diary of a Lost Girl, with a new soundtrack - as well as songs-composed by Roberto Tricarri. Tricarri's songs, which often resembled an intriguing tapestry of motifs derived from German modernist composers such as Kurt Weill and Alban Berg, were sung with brio (if little vocal virtuosity) by one of Rainer Werner Fassbinder's favorite actresses, Hanna Schygulla (Schygulla was also presented with Flanders' Special Honorary Joseph Plateau Award)."

anonymous. "Addio al papa della bella Valentina." Corriere Della Sera, August 1, 2003. (Italy) *
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