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lulu  This tribute-ography is a combined bibliography, filmography, discography and list of works which are homages or tributes to Louise Brooks. This page includes only primary citations. Entries are given in chronological order. Additionally, the country of origin of each citation is offered in brackets.

Secondary citations - such as reviews or other articles - related to the works listed here are given in the Tribute Bibliography (part 1) and Tribute Bibliography (part 2).

This page is a work in progress. Some citations are linked to the material cited. (Some links reside on the Louise Brooks Society website, while others exist elsewhere on the internet.) An * indicates that a copy of this citation is held in the archives of the LBS. If you know of additional citations, or can provide further information on the entries noted on this page, please contact the Louise Brooks Society via . This bibliography has been compiled by Thomas Gladysz, and was last updated in September 2005.

From the 1920's

Vargas, Alberto. c. 1925. (United States)
---painted portrait; pictured in The Ziegfeld Touch (Abrams, 1993).

Decker, John. New York Evening World, July 8, 1925. (United States)
--- caricature of Louise Brooks accompanies review of Follies show

anonymous. "A Change of Heart." Wichita Beacon, February 14, 1926. (United States) *
--- poem references Brooks; Wichita, Kansas newspaper

Sutherland, Eddie. We're in the Navy Now. Famous Players-Lasky, 1926. (United States)
--- film directed by Brooks' husband; the ship is named S.S. Louise

Barton, John. "Tuesday Night at the Coconut Grove." Vanity Fair, June, 1927. (United States)
--- caricature, Brooks is included in this ensemble caricature; the image was later turned into fabric print

McEvoy, J.P. Show Girl. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1928. (United States)
--- novel, Brooks was the inspiration behind this novel; first serialized in Liberty magazine (1927) with Brooks look-alike illustrations - later adapted as a Ziegfeld stage-play (1929) and twice as a film (1928 and 1930)

Striebel, John H. Dixie Dugan. late 1920's. (United States)
--- long running comic strip featuring (in it's early incarnation) a Brooks look-alike character

Bayer, Herbert. "Profil en face." gelatin silver print, 1929. (Germany)
---photomontage by the Austrian-born artist; later reproduced in the way beyond 'art' - the work of herbert bayer (Wittenborn, Schultz, 1949) and Pacific Dreams: Currents of Surrealism and Fantasy in California Art, 1934 - 1957 (UCLA / Armand Hammer Museum, 1995)

From the 1930's

Del Ruth, Roy. Dangerous Female. Warner Brothers, 1931. (United States)
--- first film version of The Maltese Falcon; a photograph of Brooks is prominently displayed in Sam Spade's apartment

author unknown. "I'm a Real-Life Doll." 1931. (United States)
--- song lyrics from the musical show Footlight Fancies refer to Brooks

Allégret, Marc. Zouzou. Les Films H. Roussillon, 1934. (France)
--- film staring Josephine Baker; a photograph of Brooks is displayed in the office of the theater manager

From the 1940's

Bioy Casares, Adolfo. La invencion de Morel. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Editorial Losada, 1940. (Argentina)
--- novella, in which the character of Faustine was inspired by Brooks; published in the United States in The Invention of Morel and Other Stories (University of Texas Press, 1964)

From the 1950's

Donen, Stanley and Kelly, Gene. Singin in the Rain. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1952. (United States)
--- film, in which the character played by Cyd Charisse is modelled after Brooks

From the 1960's

Godard, Jean-Luc. Une femme est une femme. Rome Paris Films, 1961. (France)
--- film, in which the character played by Anna Karina is modelled after Brooks

O'Hara, Frank. "F.Y.I. (PRIX DE BEAUTE)." 1961. (United States)
--- poem inspired by the film - manuscript dated July 31, 1961; first published in Audit (date unknown); later published in The Collected Poems of Frank O'Hara (Knopf, 1971)

Godard, Jean-Luc. Vivre sa Vie. Films de Pléïade, 1962. (France)
--- film, in which the character played by Anna Karina is modelled after Brooks

Crepax, Guido. Valentina. 1965. (Italy)
--- cartoon strip, Brooks' performance as Lulu inspired the Valentina character, which would appear in later comic strips and graphic novels

Berkson, Bill. "Bubbles." c.1968. (United States)
--- collage poem based on an article by the actress, "On Location with Billy Wellman;" later published in Lush Life (Z Press, 1984) and Serenade (Zoland Books, 2000)

From the 1970's

Jelloun, Tahar Ben. "Le Toucher du Regard." 1977 ? (France)
--- poem inspired by Brooks; published in Louise Brooks: Portrait d' une Anti-Star (Paris: Editions Phebus, 1977) and as "The Touch of a Glance" Louise Brooks: Portrait of an Anti-Star (New York: Zoetrope, 1986)

Laude, Andre. "Song of Lulu." 1977 ? (France)
--- poem inspired by Brooks; published in Louise Brooks: Portrait d' une Anti-Star (Paris: Editions Phebus, 1977) and Louise Brooks: Portrait of an Anti-Star (New York: Zoetrope, 1986)

Field, Edward. Stars in My Eyes. New York: Sheep Meadow Press, 1978.
--- illustrated book of film inspired poems; Brooks is pictured twice on page 15

From the 1980's

Levine, David. New York Review of Books, October 21, 1982. (United States)
--- caricature of Louise Brooks accompanies review of Lulu in Hollywood

Farmer, Philip Jose. Gods of Riverworld. New York: Putnam, 1983. (United States)
--- novel, a Brooks-like character appears on the cover of this science fiction novel

Updike, John. Hugging the Shore. New York: Knopf, 1983. (United States)
--- essay, Brooks is discussed in the author's review of Lulu in Hollywood

Acker, Kathy. Lulu Unchained. c.1985. (United States)
---dramatic work inspired by Brooks; first performances may have been in England

Demme, Jonathan. Something Wild. Religiosa Primitiva, 1986. (United States)
--- film, in which the character played by Melanie Griffith (named Lulu) is modelled after Brooks

From the 1990's

Zorn, John, Lewis, George, and Frisell, Bill. News for Lulu. hat ART, 1990. (United States)
--- compact disc recording

OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark). Sugar Tax. Virgin Records, 1991. (England)
--- compact disc recording, includes a musical composition entitled "Pandora's Box (It's a long, long way)"

Zorn, John, Lewis, George, and Frisell, Bill. More News for Lulu. hat ART, 1992. (United States)
--- compact disc recording

Auster, Paul. Leviathan. New York: Viking, 1992. (United States)
--- novel, in which Brooks is mentioned

Anderson, Jen. Pandora's Box: The Sountrack. Shock Records, 1993. (Australia)
--- compact disc recording, includes a musical composition entitled "Lulu - The Song"

Baker, Nancy. The Night Inside Viking, 1993. (Canada)
--- horror novel - re-released as Kiss of the Vampire (Ballantine Fawcett, 1995); features a Brooks-like character

Geyer, Charles, Shafer, Pamela and Moser, John. Yours, Lulu: Broadway to Berlin 1993. (United States)
--- stage-play based on Brooks

Gaiman, Neil. The Books of Magic New York: DC Comics, 1993. (United States)
--- cartoon character; one character is modelled after Brooks

Jelloun, Tahar Ben. "The plight of the playboy in early spring." The Unesco Courier, April, 1993. (France)
--- essay by the Moroccan-born novelist and poet mentions Brooks; Paris publication

Mosconi, Patrick. Louise Brooks est morte. Editions Gallimard, 1993. (France)
--- novel

McGregor, Ronald. Louise Brooks. Montreal: Double Idem, 1993. (Canada)
--- book of poems

Newman, Kim. Anno Dracula. New York: Carroll & Graf, 1993. (United States)
--- horror novel, in which a character named Lulu has physical characteristics modelled after Brooks

Hjortsberg, William. Nevermore, New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, 1994. (United States)
--- novel, Brooks is mentioned

Mitchner, Stuart. "Louise Brooks As Lulu." Poetry, August, 1995. (United States)
--- poem

Faure, Michel. 1995. (France)
--- painting, with Brooks as subject

Carter, Angela. The Curious Room: Collected Dramatic Works. London: Chatto & Windus, 1996. (England)
--- essay, Brooks is mentioned in the notes regarding Carter's 1988 stage play Lulu

Charyn, Jerome. Movieland: Hollywood and the Great American Dream Culture. New York: Putnams & Sons, 1989. (United States) *
--- collection of essays by the noted American novelist; includes a handful of references and passages, as well as a chapter entitled "Mr. Feathers" concerning Brooks

Latger, Philippe. "La Part Belle." 1996. (Canada)
--- poem, which mentions Brooks

Carter, Angela. Shaking a Leg: Collected Writings. London: Chatto & Windus, 1997. (England)
--- essay, Brooks is discussed in a review of the Paris biography, and in a essay entitled "Femmes Fatales"

Kleinzahler, August. "Watching Young Couples with an Old Girlfriend On Sunday Morning." 1997. (United States)
--- poem, references Brooks - published in (Green Sees Things in Waves, Farrar Straus Giroux, 1998)

MacIntyre, Lauren. "World Without Men." Southwest Review, volume 83, 1998. (United States) *
--- short story mentions Brooks and her image

Auster, Paul. Lulu on the Bridge. Redeemable Features, 1998. (United States)
--- film, which features a character who is acting in a remake of Pandora's Box; a photograph of Brooks can be seen in the film

Lobão, Alexandre Santos. A Caixa de Pandora. 1998 ?. (Brazil)
--- novel

Munsil, Janet. Emphysema. 1998. (Canada)
--- stage play about Brooks and Kenneth Tynan

Soul Coughing. El Oso. Slash/Warner, 1998. (United States)
--- compact disc recording, includes a musical composition entitled "St. Louise is Listening"

Infante, Guillermo Cabrera. "Las Mujeres Y El Pelele." webpage, c.1999. (Spain)
--- article, Brooks is mentioned

Lady Godiva. Louise Brooks Avenue. Spirit, 1999. (France)
--- compact disc recording, includes a musical composition entitled "Louise Brooks"

Les Primitifs du Futur. World Musette. Ske, 1999. (France)
--- compact disc recording, includes a musical composition entitled "Chanson pour Louise Brooks"

author unknown. Jazz Age Musical. 1999. (Switzerland)
--- stage-play, Brooks is main character

From the 2000's

Timelock. Louise Brooks. 2000 ? (Netherlands)
--- compact disc recording

Bachardy, Don. Stars in My Eyes. Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Press, 2000. (United States)
--- drawings, three portraits of Brooks accompany text

Latger, Philippe. "Georgette." La Gazette Litteraire, October, 2000. (Canada)
--- long poem which mentions Brooks (text in French)

Munsil, Janet. Emphysema: (A Love Story). Nuage Editions, 2000. (Canada)
--- book of stage play about Brooks and Kenneth Tynan

Schygulla, Hanna. "Tagebuch einer Verlorenen." La Maga. circa 2000. (Germany)
--- text of Schygulla's "Eine Hommage ab Louise Brooks"

Schygulla, Hanna. Elle ! Louise Brooks. circa 2000. (Italy)
--- theater piece

Shapiro, Dani. "Plane Crash Theory." Ploughshares, April, 2001. (United States) *
--- "Finally we chose Marsha. She was young and pretty, with a Louise Brooks bob and big brown eyes." - short story mentions Brooks

Bang, Mary Jo. Louise in Love. New York: Grove Press, 2001. (United States)
--- book of related poems inspired by Brooks

Gaiman, Neil. American Gods New York: Morrow, 2001. (United States)
--- novel, Brooks and Cherryvale are referenced

MacDonald, Ann-Marie. Fall on Your Knees New York: Simon & Schuster, 2001. (United States)
--- novel, Brooks is referenced in a chapter entitled "Diary of a Lost Girl"

Well, Mark King. "Mourning: The ten essential elements." Queen's Quarterly, March 22, 2002. (Canada) *
--- "Because there always is. The smell of sandalwood, the sound of Chet Baker's voice, Louise Brooks' haircut, walking in Central Park, skating in Nathan Phillips Square, kissing in St James' Park." - essay mentions Brooks

Theroux, Alexander. "Louise Brooks and Greta Garbo spend a night together." Gobshite Quarterly, Issue 1, Febuary 2003. (United States)
--- poem; corrected version published in Gobshite Quarterly number 4-5, November 2003/February 2004

Esquivel, Carlos. "Una Carta De Amor Para Louise Brooks." Cultura Columbia, undated, 2005?. (Cuba) *
--- poem



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