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lulu  This page presents an annotated, worldwide bibliography of lesser newspaper and magazine citations relating to Louise Brooks. These lesse citations - which include short articles, brief mention in longer articles, full page captioned photographs, or other interesting references - are not included in the main periodical bibliography. Nevertheless, for biographical or historical reasons, they are worthy of note. Entries are given in chronological order. Additionally, the country of origin of each citation is offered in brackets.

This page is a work in progress. The intention of this bibliography is to be as comprehensive as possible. Most citations represent a substantial or significant article. Some citations are linked to the material cited. (Some links reside on the Louise Brooks Society website, while others exist elsewhere on the internet.) An * indicates that a copy of this citation is held in the archives of the LBS. If you know of additional citations, or can provide further information on the entries noted on this page, please contact the Louise Brooks Society via . If you would like to help find vintage newspaper articles, please follow this link. This bibliography has been compiled by Thomas Gladysz, and was last updated in January 2007.

References from the 1950's

Parsons, Louella. "Louella Parsons." Lowell Sun, April 29, 1950. (United States) *
--- "Louise Brooks, once married to Dorothy Lamour's husband, Bill Howard, is said to be ready for her fourth matrimonial plunge. This time it's Dr. Louis Ruling." - instance of mention in syndicated column in Lowell, Massachusetts newspaper

Johnson, Erskine. "In Hollywood." Statesville Daily Record, June 23, 1951. (United States) *
--- "Tip-off to a swing-back to the days when Bebe Daniels, Louise Brooks, Richard Arlen, James Hall and Jean Arthur were strumming ukeleles in college comedies is the studio's 'Golden Circle' group of young players." - instance of mention in syndicated column in Statesville, North Carolina newspaper

"Louise Brooks Writes About Cherryvale." Cherryvale Republican, May x, 1952. (United States) *
--- captioned photograph

author unknown. L'Europeo Storia del Cinema, 1952. (Italy)
--- an image of Brooks is included in this magazine length survey of movie greats

anonymous. "The Golden Age of the Theater." Mason City Globe Gazette, June 1, 1953. (United States) *
--- referenced in article about famous performers who appeared in Mason City, Iowa - "That same year Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn made a return appearance and with them was Louise Brooks, silent screen movie actress." - article in Mason City, Iowa newspaper

Winchell, Walter. "Walter Winchell on Braodway." Daily Mirror, July 23, 1953. (United States) *
--- "Louise Brooks (the one time screen star), limping after an injury to her ribs - tripping over her cat Trilby." - brief item in column in New York City newspaper

Ames, Walter. "TV's Dixie Dugan Is Cast Right Out of the Comic Strips." Los Angeles Times, August 9, 1953. (United States) *
--- "Louise Brooks, Renny [McEvoy] said, was the model for the comic strip Dixie." - mention in article in Los Angeles, California newspaper

Bachman, Gideon (editor). "Six Talks on G. W. Pabst: The Man, the Director, the Artist." Cinemages. May, 1955. (United States) *
--- a number of references to Brooks in this (special issue) 94 page magazine devoted to Pabst; contains interviews / statements from six of the director's associates; published by the Group for Film Study in New York City

Connolly, Mike. "Mike Connolly." Independent, November 7, 1955. (United States) *
--- "Louise Brooks, who succeeded Clara Bow in the flapper department at Paramount years back, is living quietly here and writing her life story . . . ." - instance of mention in New York-based gossip column in Pasadena, California newspaper

Genina, Augusto. "Memorie." L'Europeo, November 17, December 4, December 11, 1955. (Italy)
--- three part article edited by Oriana Fallaci; Brooks is discussed and pictured in part three, "Il muto disse"

anonymous. "Looking Back." Chillicothe Constitution Tribune, January 19, 1957. (United States) *
--- mention in column - "Love Em and Leave Em, starring Louise Brooks, Lawrence Grey and Evelyn Brent was a local movie attraction." - article in Chillicothe, Missouri newspaper

anonymous. "Looking Back." Chillicothe Constitution Tribune, April 25, 1957. (United States) *
--- mention in column - "Adolphe Menjou and Louise Brooks starred in Evening Clothes, a local movie attraction." - article in Chillicothe, Missouri newspaper

Kilgallen, Dorothy. "Ingrid Bergman Claims No Plans for Movies." Coshocton Tribune, August 9, 1957. (United States) *
--- mention in movie news column - "Remember Louise Brooks, the cutie-pie of early movies? She's living in Gotham now, and has just finished a book about her life in the turbulent twenties. Those who have previewed it say it is hilarious." - instance of syndicated article in Coshocton, Ohio newspaper

Walker, Danton. "Broadway." Daily News, November 25, 1957. (United States)
--- mention of Brooks appearance at the Danish Film museum in New York City newspaper

Kilgallen, Dorothy. "Samson to be Revived; Probe Will be Complicated." Coshocton Tribune, August 13, 1959. (United States) *
--- mention in movie news column - "The Museum of Modern Art's recent homage to Marlene Dietrich wil be emulated by the 92nd St. YMHA when they inagurate a similar tribute to Louise Brooks, a star of the silent screen. Miss Brooks, now in Rochester doing research for a book on famous women in cinema history, will come to Gotham for the festivities in October." - instance of syndicated article in Coshocton, Ohio newspaper

Thompson, Howard. "Y's Film Center Lists Programs." New York Times, September 26, 1959. (United States) *
--- "Dec. 22 - Jan 12. 'The Movie Star.' a series to be introduced by James Card, featuring vintage vehicles of Greta Garbo, Lillian Gish, Gloria Swanson, Jean Harlow and Louise Brooks." - mention in article in New York City newspaper

Grenier, Cynthia. "Passionate Parisian Picturegoers Paradise." New York Times, November 1, 1959. (United States) *
--- mention in article in New York City newspaper

References from the 1960's

Walker, Danton. "Broadway." Daily News, February 6, 1960. (United States)
--- one sentence mention of Brooks in New York City newspaper

Gunston, David. "Leni Riefenstahl." Film Quarterly, Autumn, 1960. (United States)
--- passing reference - "Pabst, filling in between Pandora's Box and The Diary of a Lost One, both with Louise Brooks, collaborated freely with the Alpine expert and together they produced a film that was in every way memorable."

Sampas, Charles G. "Sampascoopies." Lowell Sun, November 14, 1960. (United States) *
--- "I imagine one of these days those Louise Brooks hairdos will make a comeback." - mention in column in Lowell, Massachusetts newspaper

Schickel, Richard. "The Twenties." Look, June 20, 1961. (United States) *
--- " 'Go to a motion picture and let yourself go,' the slogan said. Costumes like Louise Brooks's helped." - a full-page portrait of Brooks is prominently featured as part of an article

Genet. "Letter from Paris." New Yorker, September 22, 1962. (United States) *
--- (author is Janet Flanner) discussion of Brooks in relation to a staging of Wedekind's plays in Paris

Weinberg, Herman. "Coffee, Brandy & Cigars." Film Culture, Winter, 1962. (United States)
--- short passage in column of film notes; "Who wouldn't be inspired by such a lovely creature as Louise Brooks . . . ."

Langlois, Henri. "Hawks: homme moderne." Cahiers du Cinema, January, 1963. (France)
--- "The Modernity of Howard Hawks"

Luft, Herbert C. "G. W. Pabst." Films in Review, February, 1964. (United States)
--- mention of Brooks in detailed account of Pabst's career and films

anonymous. "Billy Callahan." New York Times, February 23, 1964. (United States) *
--- "Mrs. Valenzio doubled for the late Thelma Todd and teamed with Louise Brooks as 'Brooks and Callahan'." - mention in obituary in New York City newspaper

author unknown. Variety, August 5, 1964. (United States)
--- very brief mention

Weinberg, Herman. "Coffee, Brandy & Cigars." Film Culture, Autumn, 1964. (United States)
--- mentions Brooks sending the author a note

Kilgallen, Dorothy. "Broadway." Lowell Sun, December 12, 1964. (United States) *
--- "Louise Brooks, a cinema star of long ago (now living in Rochester, N.Y.) is almost finished writing her autobiography, titled "Naked on My Goat." It's reported to be "really wild," and quite a few Hollywood old-timers are worrying because word is around that she's naming names and pulling no punches." - instance of mention in syndicated column

anonymous. "Louise Brooks på duken igen." Stockholms-tidningen, December 17, 1964. (Sweden) *
--- short article about a forthcoming series of Brooks' films

Continental Film Review, May, 1965. (England)
-- a picture of Brooks is included in this magazine

Knight, Arthur and Alpert, Hollis. "The History of Sex in Cinema." Playboy, September, 1965. (United States) *
-- in "Part Five: Sex Stars of the Twenties" nearly a full page of text and one picture (from Pandora's Box) is given over to Brooks

anonymous. "Pandora's Box." Play into Film, April / May, 1966. (England) *
--- full page captioned image

Wilson, Earl. "Earl Wilson." Press-Telegram, May 3, 1966. (United States) *
--- "Silent screen star Louise Brooks got a letter from a friend in London: "Found a street that reminds me of you - 'Old Broad Street' . . . " - instance of mention in syndicated column in Long Beach, California newspaper

Luft, Herbert C. "G. W. Pabst." Films and Filming, April, 1967. (United States) *
--- expanded version of the Films in Review article (February, 1964), includes additional interview material

Weinberg, Herman. "Coffee, Brandy & Cigars." Film Culture, Spring, 1967. (United States)
--- mentions Brooks sending the author her epitaph, "I never gave away anything that I wish I had not kept; nor kept anything that I wish I had not given away . . . ."

Gomez, Fernando Fernan. "George Wilhelm Pabst." Fotogramas, June 9, 1967. (Spain) *
--- two-page article on the director includes a few mentions of Brooks; Barcelona / Madrid magazine

Coe, Richard L. "Books on Films and Theater Suggested as Christmas Gifts." Washington Post, December 1, 1928. (United States) *
--- "Reading between the lines, one gleans Brownlow got vital encouragement from Louise Brooks, now living in happy retirement in Rochester, N.Y. What an eye for truth has this lady whose films were comparitively few but who always is remembered by all who saw her." - referenced in article in Washington D.C. newspaper

Mayer, Arthur. "Survivors of a golden age talk about the movies before the movies learned to talk." New York Times, December 8, 1968. (United States) *
--- "The lucious Louise Brooks" is quoted in a review of Kevin Brownlow's The Parade's Gone By in New York City newspaper

"Pin-Ups of the Past No. 10." Films and Filming, August, 1969. (England) *
--- full page portrait with brief text

References from the 1970's

Marcus, Greil. "Self-Portrait no. 25." Rolling Stone, July 23, 1970. (United States) *
--- "In an attack on the auteur approach, as it relates to film, Louise Brooks quotes Goethe, and the words she cites reveal the problem: "The novel (the film) (the song) is a subjective epic composition in which the author begs leave to treat the world according to his own point of view. It is only a question, therefore, whether he has a point of view, The rest will take care of itself." (published in The Seventies: The Age of Glitter in Popular Culture by Shelton Waldrep)

anonymous. "Plays Profitable for Ed Mirvish." Toronto Star, November 22, 1971. (Canada) *
--- notes that comments by Louise Brooks were included in a CBC radio documentary on Charlie Chaplin; mention in entertainment column in Toronto, Canada newspaper

WNS. "Femme Fatales Number Many." Dallas Morning News, November 28, 1971. (United States) *
--- referenced in syndicated article in Dallas, Texas newspaper

Jenkinson, Philip. "The Climate in which a director can explore human values through sexual relationships becomes polluted by a smog of conformist smut." Guardian, May 10, 1972. (England) *
--- short discussion in two-part article in Manchester, England newspaper

anonymous. "Louise Brooks." El Cine enciclopedia del 7 arte, volume II, 1973. (Spain) *
--- includes an entry on the actress in this magazine's ongoing "Diccionario de Actores." (this journal originated in Spain and was distributed in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Venezuela)

Coe, Richard L. "Anita Loos: A Living Dynamo Tapping a Deep Well of creativity." Washington Post, May 27, 1973. (United States) *
--- "To her lack of illusions, add plain talk. Louise Brooks, a silent screen siren now a diety of cinematologists, recalls meeting Anita Loos after making a movie test for Blonde's Dorothy. 'Anita told me: Louise, if I ever write a part for a cigar store Indian, you'll get it'." - referenced in article in Washington D.C. newspaper

anonymous. "A. Edward Sutherland." Variety, January 2, 1974. (United States) *
--- obituary of Eddie Sutherland; "An early marriage to Louise Brooks terminated in divorce. That silent era ingenue now lives in Rochester, N.Y." - article in trade journal

Wilson, Jane. "Women on/in Movies." New York Times, March 24, 1974. (United States) *
--- Brooks is referenced in reviews of two new books in New York City newspaper

Beylie, C. and Braucort, G. "Seven Women." Ecran, August / September, 1974. (France) *
--- Brooks is one of seven actresses featured - portrait and short text

Williams, Jeannie. Rochester Times-Union, August 6, 1979. (United States)
--- Brooks is quoted in local column; Rochester, New York newspaper

P., C. "Lulu Arrived in Full Dress." Time, August 13, 1979. (United States) *
--- regarding the Santa Fe Opera staging of Alban Berg's Lulu - "During rehearsals, the cast screened Louise Brooks' Lulu in the 1928 silent film of Wedekind's Pandora's Box."

Riley, Brooks. "Still Life from the Cinema." Washington Post, October 14, 1979. (United States) *
--- mention of Brooks in book review of Image on the Art and Evolution of the Film - "and that actress Louise Brooks was told by G. W. Pabst that she would end up like the Lulu in his film, The box of Pandora . (Brooks' article on Pabst is the best in the book -- a selfeffacing, bittersweet memoir of youthful insouciance.)" - Washington D.C. newspaper

lulu  For a continuation of this bibliography, please refer to Other Periodical References (part 4) for citations dating from 1980 through the present. Thank you for your interest.



Copyright  © Louise  Brooks  Society.  Applicable  rights  reserved.

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