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Louise Brooks by Barry Paris: A Bibliography

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lulu  This page presents an annotated, worldwide bibliography of articles and reviews of the Barry Paris biography of Louise Brooks. The book was first published in 1989 in the United States by Knopf. It has subsequently been published in translation in various editions around the world. In 2000, it was reissued by the University of Minnesota Press.

This page is a work in progress. Some citations are linked to the material cited. (Some links reside on the Louise Brooks Society website, while others exist elsewhere on the internet.) An * indicates that a copy of this citation is held in the archives of the LBS. If you know of additional citations, or can provide further information on the entries noted on this page, please contact the Louise Brooks Society via . This bibliography has been compiled by Thomas Gladysz, and was last updated in December 2006.

Louise Brooks by Barry Paris
published in 1989

Quirk, Lawrence J. "Brilliant Pittsburgh Journalist Barry Paris Coming Out with a Major Biography of Louise Brooks." Quirks Reviews, August, 1986. (United States) *
--- article

Jacobson, Serby Wilson and Orsini, Patricia. "Tip-Off on Books." Times-Union, April 25, 1988. (United States) *
--- short article

Stuttaford, Genevieve. Publisher's Weekly. August 11, 1989. (United States) *
--- pre-publication review; "The biography is a gossip lover's feast, naming names and telling tales, yet also makes an addition to film history."

author unknown. Kirkus Reviews. August ? 1989. (United States)
--- pre-publication review; "Paris' biography is rich, busy, without one boring moment."

Smith, Liz. "A peek inside the pages of Knopf's Louise Brooks bio." New York Daily News. September 6, 1989. (United States)
--- pre-publication mention; " . . . the upcoming biography of the silent screen star Louise Brooks. This sensational work from Knopf bows in October from the pen of Barry Paris. It's a wow."

Wiener, Thomas. "Biography - Louise Brooks: Her Life, Death, and Resurrection by Barry Paris." Library Journal. September 15, 1989. (United States) *
--- pre-publication review; "This is the first book-length portrait of Brooks, and Paris takes full advantage of cooperation from numerous sources as well as access to Brooks's papers. Fascinating, titillating stuff."

Brosnahan, John. "Louise Brooks." Booklist. September 15, 1989. (United States) *
--- pre-publication review; "Louise Brooks is presented in Paris' new biography as more than just an actress noted for one or two roles and more than just the inspiration for the black bobbed hair of numerous women in the 1920s and again in the 1980s."

Garner, John. The Gannett Newspapers. September ? 1989. (United States)
--- syndicated news story

Curtright, Bob. "Louise Brooks: That Amazing Face." Wichita Eagle, October 19, 1989 (United States) *
--- feature story about Barry Paris and his biography in Wichita, Kansas newspaper

Brodsky, Alyn. "A Lulu of a Louise Brooks Biography." Detroit News, October 22, 1989. (United States) *
--- "As a character in fiction, Louise Brooks - ravishingly beautiful, spectacularly self-destructive, the legendary ' girl in the black helmet' (so called for her Dutch bobbed, trademark hair) - would have been unbelievable. For here was a real life creature who made it a habit to snatch obscurity from the jaws of fame." - Detroit, Michigan newspaper

Curtright, Bob. "'Louise Brooks' is a Page-Turner - Biography Has Wichita Link." Wichita Eagle, October 22, 1989. (United States) *
--- illustrated review in Wichita, Kansas newspaper

Gabler, Neil. "Love is a publicity stunt." New York Times Book Review, October 22, 1989. (United States) *
--- full page review with illustrations; New York City newspaper

Harvey, James. "The Riddle That Was 'Lulu'." Boston Globe, October 22, 1989. (United States) *
--- long review; "Louise Brooks, with her sardonic riddling gaze, has become one of the icons of movie history." - Boston, Massachusetts newspaper

Koenig, Rhoda. "Not in Kansas Anymore." New York, October 23, 1989. (United States) *
--- magazine review with portrait; " Not simply a summary of movie plots and love affairs but a serious work of film and social history."

Jacobson, Serby Wilson. "Hardcover Brooks." Times-Union, October 25, 1989. (United States) *
--- long illustrated article in Rochester, New York newspaper [a substantial sidebar - "Does it capture Lulu? We asked her local friends." ran along with the review]

Fischer, Lucy. "Writer conjures up life of jazz-era image, Louise Brooks." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 28, 1989. (United States) *
--- review in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania newspaper

Pierre, Brian St. "The Steamy Story of a Real-Life 'Lulu'." San Francisco Chronicle, October 29, 1989. (United States) *
--- review with two portraits; San Francisco, California newspaper

Koszarski, Richard. Film History, number 4, 1989. (United States)
--- pages 371 - 372

Bockris, Victor. "Negative Girl." Elle, November, 1989. (United States)
--- page 162; full page magazine review with portrait

George, George L. "Bookshelf." Cinema Canada, November, 1989. (Canada)
--- one of three books reviewed; Montreal publication

Hodenfield, C. "Dangerous Radiance." American Film, November, 1989. (United States)
--- review in film magazine

Lemon, Brendan. "Book Briefs." Vogue, November, 1989. (United States)
--- page 280; short magazine review

Marcus, Greil. "Lulu Lost and Found." California, November, 1989. (United States)
--- two page magazine review with portrait; "Paris is superb, every detail opening onto another plane or almost subliminally doubling back to an incident charted a hundred pages earlier, the full weight of Brook's exile coming home with increasing power, right to the end of her life. The second half of the book is riveting: complex, subtle, noisy, finally quiet. You don't care that Paris can't solve 'the mystery.' You care that a woman lived a life that made it."

Grossman, David. "Louise Brooks: Celebrated Siren." Philadelphia Inquirer, November 5, 1989. (United States) *
--- long review; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania newspaper

Knode, Helen. "Diary of a Lost Woman." L.A. Weekly, November 17, 1989. (United States)
--- review in Los Angeles, California publication

Takahama, Valerie. "The Real Lulu." Register, November 21, 1989. (United States)
--- feature story / review; Orange County, California newspaper

Simon, John. "The Real Lulu." Washington Post, November 26, 1989. (United States) *
--- "Paris has researched and reported faithfully every aspect of Brooks's life. The story he tells is fascinating not only for what it says about Brooks, but also for its generous sidelights on the whole jazz-and-flapper age." - Washington D.C. newspaper

Wiener, Tom. "Hollywood Tales and Legends Get Star Treatment." USA Today, November 29, 1989. (United States)
--- reviews of nine books includes Lulu in Hollywood

Mathews, Laura. "Word on Books: Season's Readings." Glamour, December, 1989. (United States)
--- page 162; various books are briefly described

Polan, Dana. "Woman of Mystery: Actress Louise Brooks' life on view." Pittsburgh Press, December 10, 1989. (United States) *
--- "The books stands as an unrivaled tribute to life." - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania newspaper

Cook, Bruce. "Celluloid Pandora." Chicago Tribune, December 17, 1989. (United States) *
--- long review in Chicago, Illinois newspaper

Sachs, Lloyd. "Louise Brooks: Alluring onscreen and forever after." Chicago Sun - Times, December 17, 1989. (United States) *
--- long review in Chicago, Illinois newspaper

Thomson, David. "Saint Lulu." New Republic, December 25, 1989. (United States) *
--- long review with caricature of Brooks by Vini Lawrence

Bush, Stacey. "The perfect face of Louise Brooks: less there than meets the eye." Houston Chronicle, December 31, 1989. (United States) *
--- review in Houston, Texas newspaper

Hommel, M. "Loulou in Hollywood. Louise Brooks." Skrien. December - January, 1989 / 1990. (Netherlands)
--- page 78 - 79; article in film magazine from Amsterdam

author unknown. Boston Phoenix. 198? (United States)
--- "Paris accomplishes the not inconsiderable feat of realizing just how unique Brooks was on screen and managing to see her clearly as a person"; Boston, Massachusetts publication

author unknown. Miami Herald. 198? (United States)
--- quoted on the back cover of the American paperback edition; Miami, Florida newspaper

author unknown. New York Outweek. 198? (United States)
--- "Paris's book is the one the faithful have been waiting for. The research is exhaustive, the details scrupulously attended, and all enhanced by access to Brook's unpublished writing. The result is thorough, documented and tangible. Even better, Paris does Brooks two services that propel his book well past for-addicts-only status. He is savvy enough to grasp that half of the Brooks mythology is the setting, and he gives it to us up-close and in the round. But his wisest choice is his deference to Brook's own voice. He lets her larger statements about the human condition, her own and otherwise, speak for themselves. Brooks's story is Cinderella rewritten for the apocalypse, and Paris and Brooks tell it straight, twists included."

author unknown. San Diego Tribune. 198? (United States)
--- "What raises this biography above most is the page-turning way Paris exposes most facets of a highly complex individual . . . . A superb biography. Paris's definitive work shows us why Brooks belongs, if not in the pantheon of film stardom, in the front rank of 20th-century personalities." - San Diego, California newspaper

Goldman, D. "A Guide to the Season's Best Books." Premiere. January, 1990. (United States)
--- capsule review; "The much-talked-about Louise Brooks is among the worthiest Hollywood bios of the year: a synthesis of exhaustive research, written with imaginative sympathy."

Rozen, Leah. "Picks & Pans." People, January 8, 1990. (United States) *
--- "Brooks, the dizzyingly beautiful silent-movie star with the now iconographic black bob . . . ."

Lombardi, F. "Louise Brooks. By Barry Paris." Variety, January 10, 1990. (United States)
--- page 114

Lexton, Maria. "Bob Dazzler." Time Out, January 10-17, 1990. (England)
--- accompanying the review is a short article about one writer's attempt to get a Brooks' bob; Brooks also appears on the cover

Thompson, Frank. " 'Brooks' Is a Clear-Eyed Biography of Enigmatic, Self-Destructive Actress." Atlanta Journal & Constitution, January 15, 1990. (United States) *
--- "Louise Brooks is one of the enigmas of the cinema." - Atlanta, Georgia newspaper

Kelman, Suanne. "Sauntering away from stardom." Toronto Star, January 20, 1990. (Canada) *
--- "She earned her niche almost entirely through a single silent movie, G. W. Pabst's Pandora's Box;" Toronto newspaper

author unknown. Calgary Herald, February 17, 1990. (Canada)
--- review in Calgary newspaper

author unknown. "Book Reviews." Television Scene, 1990. *
--- review in magazine

Feld, Bruce. "Persistent flapper ahead of her time." Daily News, February 18, 1990. (United States) *
--- review in Los Angeles, California newspaper

Adair, Gilbert. "She Gave Herself, but Not Away - Louise Brooks." Spectator. February 24, 1990. (England) *
--- article in London publication

Painter, Michael. "Lulu's Story." Irish Times, February 24, 1990. (Ireland) *
--- review in article in Dublin, newspaper

Harron, Mary. "Myth and Melancholy." The Observer, Febraury 25, 1990. (England) *
--- review in London newspaper

Baresch, Ruby. "Louise Brooks, by Barry Paris." Film Criticism, Winter, 1990. (United States) *
--- a three page, somewhat critical review

Nangle, J. "Book Reviews." Films in Review, March, 1990. (United States)
--- page 184 - 187

Sears, R.D. "Louise Brooks." Choice, March, 1990. (United States) *
--- "She emerges from Paris's book as a figure of devastating remoteness, as if her own life had never really engaged her. Her biographer, although deeply engaged, cannot penetrate his subject's mystery; nevertheless, he does justice to a fascinating subject."

Byrne, Jim. "Louise Brooks." Seattle Times, March 4, 1990. (United States) *
--- short review in Seattle, Washington newspaper

Carter, Angela. "Louise Brooks." London Review of Books, March 8, 1990. (England) *
--- review; reprinted in Shaking a Leg: Collected Writings ( London: Chatto and Windus, 1997)

Regan, Jennifer. "Louise Brooks' Cynical Success: Cult Figure Could Never Enjoy Much of Anything." Buffalo News, March 18, 1990. (United States)
--- review in Buffalo, New York newspaper

author unknown. Montreal Gazzette, March 3, 1990. (Canada)
--- review in Montreal newspaper

author unknown. Toronto Globe and Mail, March 31, 1990. (Canada)
--- review in Toronto newspaper

Yusuf, Nilgin. "The Girl in the Black Helmet." Guardian, April 2, 1990. (England)
--- article in Manchester newspaper

O'Connor, Patrick. "Survival of a Jazz Baby." Times Literary Supplement, April 27 - May 3, 1990. (England) *
--- "Louise Brooks seems to have had such a rare intelligence and humor that this is not a tale of tragedy but a study in fierce originality." - London publication

Martin, Adrian. "Brooks: A Ripping Good Yarn ." Sunday Herald, April 29, 1990. (Australia)
--- "Barry Paris's wonderful and fascinating biography of Brooks is, for the most part, equal to the challenge of grappling with the complexities of her multiform myth." - Melbourne newspaper

Roberts, John. "More on books - 'every little breeze whispers Louise'." Classic Images, May, 1990. (United States)
--- page 32

anonymous. "Lives and Letters - Louise Brooks by Barry Paris." Virginia Quarterly Review, Summer 1990. (United States) *
--- capsule review in literary journal

Spratley, Lois. "Journalist Delves in to Steamy Story of Louise Brooks." Daily Press, September 23, 1990. (United States) *
--- review of paperback edition in Hampton Roads, Virginia newspaper

Ciment, Michel. "Louise Brooks." Positif, July - August, 1990. (France) *
--- near full page review with cartoon by Guido Crepax

Cherchi Usai, Paolo. "Louise Brooks, di Barry Paris." Griffithiana, October, 1990. (Italy) *
--- half-page review; according to the reviewer, there are several Brooks' manuscripts "buried at the George Eastman House" which will remain unpublished till 2011

Holmer, Per. "Louise Brooks - gatfullare an Garbo ?" Svenska Dagbladet, October 4, 1990. (Sweden)
--- two page review ("Louise Brooks - more mysterious than Garbo?") in Swedesh newspaper

Kaganoff, P. "Forecasts: Paperbacks." Publisher's Weekly. October 26, 1990. (United States)
--- review of softcover edition

Johnson, George. "New & Noteworthy." New York Times, December 9, 1990. (United States) *
--- capsule review of paperback edition in New York City newspaper

Leiber, Fritz. "Moon & Stars & Stuff." Locus, December 1990. (United States) *
--- article in science fiction/fantasy trade publication

author unknown. London Daily Express. 199?. (England)
--- London newspaper

author unknown. The Irish Times. 199?. (Ireland)

Coe, Jonathan. Guardian. 199?. (England)
--- Manchester newspaper

anonymous. "Louise Brooks." Script, number 11, Spring 1991. (???)
--- pages 24 - 25

Johnston, Ian. "Louise Brooks." Vox, July 1991. (England) *
--- short review with portrait in British rock music magazine

author unknown. Wilson Public Library Catalog, January 1, 1993. (United States)
--- page 751

Contat, Michel. "Louise Brooks, lumière noire." Le Monde, November 26, 1993. (France)
--- long article; "Elle fut Loulou jusqu'au bout, dans la vie comme au cinéma. Barry Paris éclaire le mystère de la plus grande actrice du muet."

Lachize, S. Cahiers Cinematheque. February, 1994. (France)
--- page 140

author unknown. Services Documentaires Multimédia. 199? (France)

Levin, Martin. Toronto Globe & Mail. September 16, 2000. (Canada)
--- regarding the reissue by the University of Minnesota press

Rising, Gerry. "Lulu in Hollywood." ArtVoice. August 30, 2001. (United States) *
--- article regarding Brooks and the University of Minnesota press reissue in weekly Buffalo newsmagazine



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