splash  This page presents an annotated, worldwide bibliography of reviews, articles and other published material related to the 1931 film Overland Stage Raiders  (link to LBS filmography page). This American film includes Louise Brooks in the role of Beth Hoyt. Under its American title, documented screenings of the film took place the late 1930s in Canada, Isle of Man, Netherlands Antilles, and Sweden; contemporary showings of the film, either in theaters or on television, have also taken place in Australia, England, Ireland, and The Netherlands. On a few occasions, the film was promoted in the United States under the title The Three Mesquiteers. Elsewhere, this motion picture was known to have been shown under other-language titles including Pozemní stádioví lupici (Czechoslovakia); Storbyens sjakaler (Denmark); Gold in den Wolken (Germany); Cavalca e spara (Italy); Ringo cavalca e spara (Italy – later retitle); Gold in den Wolken (Poland); Грабители дилижансов (U.S.S.R.); Cavalca e spara (Vatican City); Ringo cavalca e spara (Vatican City – later retitle);and Cabalga y dispara (Venezuela).

As research is ongoing, this page is a work in progress. It is understood that any given citation comes from an American source, unless otherwise noted. The intention of this bibliography is to be both comprehensive and useful. Most citations represent a substantial review or article. Capsule reviews, or significant shorter pieces — usually a paragraph or two in length — are so noted. Entries are arranged chronologically. Critical commentary regarding Brooks, or the film as a whole (excerpted from the material cited) is given as annotations. Some citations link to the material noted: some of these links reside on the Louise Brooks Society, while others reside elsewhere on the web.

Much can be gleamed from a bibliography such as this. Besides what critics thought of the film, one can follow the path of the film’s distribution — where it showed and when; sometimes, for example, the exhibition record might reveal if the film was shown before its official release date. As well, this bibliography shows which critics at which newspapers and magazines reviewed films. History, here, is in the details.

An * indicates that a copy of this citation is held in the archives of the LBS. This annotated bibliography has been compiled by Thomas Gladysz, and was last updated in October 2015. [Help wanted: If you know of additional citations, can provide further information on entries noted on this page, or can provide copies of citations not marked with an * but which are known to exist, please contact the LBS. The LBS would like to acquire additional material on the screening of this film.]

released September 28, 1938

Parson, Louella. “Hedy is Excited Over Next Film.” Charleston Gazette, August 5, 1938. *
— “Louise Brooks, who used to get glamour girl publicity about her famous legs, is starting all over again as a leading lady in a Western with John Wayne.” – instance of syndicated column in Charleston, West Virginia newspaper

author unknown. Hollywood Reporter, August 6, 1938.
author unknown. Weekly Guide, September 17, 1938.

anonymous. “Reviews of the New Films.” Film Daily, September 28, 1938. *
— “Fast-moving cowboy and bandit story will entertain the western fans. . . . Louise Brooks makes an appearance as the female attraction.”

anonymous. “Overland Stage Raiders.” Variety, September 28, 1938. *
— “This series improves with each new adventure. . . . Should please juveniles and elders alike.”

Aaronson, C. S. Motion Picture Daily, September 29, 1938.
— page 10

M. Jr., P. C. “Showman’s Reviews.” Motion Picture Herald, October 1, 1938. *
— review in trade journal

author unknown. National Legion of Decency, October 6, 1938.

East Coast Preview Committee. Fox West Coast Bulletin, October 15, 1938.
— “The production is well acted and directed and presents several novel touches, as well as excellent photography.”

Real Screen Fun, November, 1938.
— candid photo of Brooks and Max Terhune

East Coast Preview Committee. “Overland Stage Raiders (Republic).” Selected Motion Pictures, November 1, 1938. *
— capsule review; “The production is well acted and directed and presents several novel touches, as well as excellent photography.” – publication of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America

anonymous. “Overland Stage Raiders.” Kingsport Times, November 6, 1938. *
— article in Kingsport, Tennessee newspaper

anonymous. “New Western Story.” Zanesville Signal, November 10, 1938. *
— “Their partners are Anthony Marsh and Louise Brooks.” – brief article in Zanesville, Ohio newspaper

anonymous. “Imperial.” Times Recorder, November 11, 1938. *
— brief article in Zanesville, Ohio newspaper

anonymous. “Mesquiteers on Loose Again in New Western Feature at Imperial Theater.” Zanesville Signal, November 11, 1938. *
— review in Zanesville, Ohio newspaper

anonymous. “Sons of the Legion in Prevue on the Screen at Quimby Tonight.” Zanesville Signal, November 12, 1938. *
— ” . . . an exciting tale of the modern west.” – brief article in Zanesville, Ohio newspaper

anonymous. “Family Movie Guide.” Parents Magazine, December, 1938. *
— capsule review

anonymous. “2 Openings, 2 Closings Thursday for Elm Street.” Dallas Morning News, January 5, 1939. *
— mention in article article in Dallas, Texas newspaper

anonymous. “Movie Guide.” St. Lawrence Plain Dealer, January 24, 1939. *
— “Fast moving cowboy and bandit story will entertain the western fans. Children, exciting.” — very brief write-up in St. Lawrence, New York newspaper

author unknown. Kine Weekly, March 2, 1939. (England)
— review

author unknown. Box Office, March 25, 1939.

anonymous. “Double Feature At Strand Theatre.” Sheboygan Press, February 21, 1940. *
— very brief article in Sheboygan, Wisconsin newspaper

anonymous. “Cavalca e spara.” Segnalazioni Cinematografiche, May 16, 1966. (Vatican City) *
— one page review

anonymous. “Ringo cavalca e spara.” Segnalazioni Cinematografiche, January 15, 1968. (Vatican City) *
— capsule notice

anonymous. “Monday TV Movies.” Syracuse Herald-American, July 20, 1969 *
— brief write-up in Syracuse, New York newspaper

anonymous. “Television Previews.” Daily Times News , April 6, 1970. *
— “With silent stars Louise Brooks.” – brief write-up in Burlington, North Carolina newspaper

Ricci, Mark, Zmijewsky, Boris and Zmijewsky, Steve. The Films of John Wayne. Secaucus, New Jersey: Citadel Press, 1970. *
— includes an illustrated page on the film

B., J. “Film Notes – Overland Stage Raiders.” Pacific Film Archive, March 29, 1981. (United States)
— brief program notes from the PFA program “Louise Brooks & John Wayne” – Berkeley, California (follow this link to access text)

Shanks, Bruce. “2:10 Film: Overland Stage Raiders.” Irish Times, February 22, 1986. (Ireland) *
— short article in Dublin, newspaper

anonymous “Monday.” Irish Times, November 30, 1991. (Ireland) *
— annotated TV listing in Dublin, newspaper

Hulse, Ed. “Overland Stage Raiders.” Video Review, April, 1992. (United States)
— review of the video release

Erickson, Hal. “Overland Stage Raiders.” All Movie Guide, circa 2000. *
— capsule review on film website; “The film’s leading lady was former silent star and future cult- figure Louise Brooks, the hauntingly beautiful leading lady of G.W. Pabst’s Diary of a Lost Girl and Pandora’s Box, here making her last film appearance.”

anonymous. “Overland Stage Raiders.” TV Guide Online, circa 2001. *
— capsule review on entertainment website; “Brooks plays Wayne’s girl friend in what would be her last film–a sad comedown for the actress who had starred in the German masterpiece Pandora’s Box (1929).”

Pattie, Jane. John Wayne: There Rode a Legend. Orange, Texas: Western Classics, 2001. *
— brief mentions

Landesman, Fred. John Wayne Filmography. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 2004. *
— includes an two page section on the film