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lulu  This page presents an annotated, worldwide bibliography of reviews and articles about Lulu in Hollywood, by Louise Brooks. This book was originally published in 1982 in the United States by Knopf. It has subsequently been published in translation in various editions around the world. In 2000, it was reissued in an expanded English-language edition by the University of Minnesota Press.

This page is a work in progress. The intention of this bibliography is to be as comprehensive as possible. Most citations represent a substantial review or article. Shorter, capsule reviews - usually a paragraph or two in length - are so noted. Some citations are linked to the material cited. (Some links reside on the Louise Brooks Society website, while others exist elsewhere on the internet.) An * indicates that a copy of this citation is held in the archives of the LBS. If you know of additional citations, or can provide further information on the entries noted on this page, please contact the Louise Brooks Society via . This bibliography has been compiled by Thomas Gladysz, and was last updated in September 2005.

Lulu in Hollywood
published in 1982

anonymous. Publisher's Weekly, March 19, 1982. (United States) *
--- pre-publication review; " . . . this is no ordinary collection of gossipy memoirs. It is a tour de force, as history and as a searching study of human nature."

Reed, Rex. GQ, April, 1982. (United States)
--- short magazine article with portrait

Taylor, Robert. "Natural Actress and Writer, Too." Boston Globe, April 14, 1982. (United States) *
--- " . . . seven superb autobiographical essays." - Boston, Massachusetts newspaper

Walcott, James. Esquire, May, 1982. (United States)
--- "A tart, fleet, gossipy book, a whip-flicking display of wit and spite. . . . In Lulu in Hollywood, Brooks writes about her contemporaries with a darting precision and down-to-earth compassion that make the mythologizing of most movie commentators sound like so much hot wheeze. . . . Louise Brooks emerges not as a white goddess wreathed in incense, but as a sassy companion, wisecracking, knowledgeable, completely free of cant and coy sentiment."

Carduner, Art. "Delicious tales of the film land that spurned her." Philadelphia Inquirer, May 9, 1982. (United States) *
--- "Brooks is a witty and refreshing raconteur." - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania newspaper

Lehmann-Haupt, Christopher. "Books of the Times." New York Times, May 21, 1982. (United States) *
--- review with portrait; New York City newspaper

Crain, Patricia. "Women's Books." Daily News, May 23, 1982. (United States) *
--- brief review; New York City newspaper

Clemons, Walter. "A Hollywood Hermit." Newsweek, May 24, 1982. (United States)
--- page 77; near full page magazine review with illustrations

Champlin, Charles. "A slave in the cinema who became a superior free spirit on paper." Los Angeles Times, May 30, 1982. (United States) *
--- long review with scene still; Los Angeles, California newspaper

Lahr, John. "The Comedienne and the Femme Fatale." New York Times Book Review, May 30, 1982. (United States) *
--- full page review by the well known theater critic, along with a portrait of the actress; Lulu in Hollywood is reviewed along with Mabel; New York City newspaper

Koenig, Rhoda. "Look After Lulu." New York, May 31, 1982. (United States)
--- joint reviews of Lulu in Hollywood and Mabel: Hollywood's First I Don't Care Girl

Meade, M. "Lulu in Hollywood by Louise Brooks." Ms. Magazine, June, 1982. (United States)
--- magazine article

Quirk, Lawrence J. "Lulu in Hollywood: A Disgraceful Pot-Pouri of Blatant Falsehoods, Distortions and Odd Biographical Omissions: Self-Pitying, Self-Congratulatory - and Self-Serving ." Quirks Reviews, June, 1982. (United States) *
--- long article critiquing the book

Everson, William K. "Louise Brooks, Brainy Beauty Scorned Hollywood: A Hot Read." Variety Weekly, June 9, 1982. (United States) *
--- long review by the film historian

Rivers, Joan. "Lulu in Hollywood." The Hollywood Reporter, June 11, 1982. (United States)
--- full page review by the well known comedian and television personality

Bunke, Joan. "Lies, myths and other movie tales." Des Moines Register, June 13, 1982. (United States) *
--- "Intelligence and candor mark Brooks' reminiscences." - Des Moines, Iowa newspaper

Dirda, Michael. "Lulu in Hollywood." Washington Post, June 13, 1982. (United States) *
--- "Unexpectedly, Brooks' writing proves just as scintillating (and titillating) as her screen beauty. . . . Instead, through her independence, strong will, and restless intelligence, she survives to this day. And she survives, even more, in her art: the supreme beauty of the silent screen." - Washington D.C. newspaper

Dolbier, Maurice. "An Outsider's inside look at Tinseltown." Providence Journal, June 13, 1982. (United States) *
--- " . . . shows her to be an entrancing and candid a writer as she was an actress in her most memorable screen roles." - Providence, Rhode Island newspaper

Taylor, Robert. "'20s movie 'bad girl' is a very good writer." Oakland Tribune, June 13, 1982. (United States) *
--- review in Oakland, California newspaper

anonymous. "Lulu in Hollywood." Variety Daily, June 15, 1982. (United States)
--- long review

Kaufman, Stanley. "Book Note." The New Republic, June 23, 1982. (United States)
--- short magazine review

Feeney, F. X.. "Louise Brooks, Writer." L.A. Weekly, June 25 - July 1, 1982. (United States)
--- two-page review with illustration; Los Angeles, California alternative news weekly

French, Philip. "Lulu in Hollywood." The Observer, June ??, 1982. (England)
--- book review in English newspaper

Weinberg, H. "The Weinberg Touch." Films in Review, June / July 1982. (United States)
--- short mention

Kleber, Mark. "One for the Book." The Talent Spotlite, July, 1982. (United States)
--- short review

Marcus, Greil. California, July, 1982. (United States)
--- magazine article by the well known rock critic

Kolb, Mary. "'Lulu': silent screen star speaks." UCLA Bruin, July 1, 1982. (United States)
--- review in University of California, Los Angeles college newspaper

author unknown. Toronto Globe and Mail, July 2, 1982. (Canada)
--- review in Toronto newspaper

Gilmour, Clyde. "The Film World's Best Read Idiot." Toronto Star, July 3, 1982. (Canada) *
--- review in Toronto newspaper

anonymous. "Facing up to Hollywood." Milwaukee Journal, July 4, 1982. (United States) *
--- " . . . in Lulu in Hollywood she looks back on the 1920's and '30's with refreshing candor. And the book demonstrates another ability almost as unusual among former actors: She can write." - Milwaukee, Wisconsin newspaper

Whitman, Alden. "A free spirit of the silent screen tells her story - candidly." Chicago Sun-Times, July 4, 1982. (United States) *
--- "Lulu in Hollywood is a splendid book, made live by Brooks' vibrant, terse prose . . . ." - Chicago, Illinois newspaper

Noble, Peter. "Peter Noble's Bookshelf." SCreen International, July 10, 1982. (England) *
--- review

Maslin, Janet. "Hollywood Leaves Its Imprint on Its Chroniclers." New York Times, July 11, 1982. (United States) *
--- considers books by Brooks and June Allyson; New York City newspaper

Grosvenor, Peter. "Recognition at Last." Daily Express, July 15, 1982. (England) *
--- review in London newspaper

Waugh, Auberon. London Daily Mail, July 15, 1982. (England)
--- generally negative review; London newspaper

Ehrenstein, David. "Lulu's Back in Town, With a Book That Sets Hollywood Straight." Reader, July 16, 1982. (United States) *
--- long review

anonymous. "Lulu in Hollywood." The Economist, July 17, 1982. (United States)
--- magazine review; page 93

author unknown. Montreal Gazzette, July 17, 1982. (Canada)
--- review in Montreal newspaper

French, Philip. "Looking After Lulu." London Observer, July 18, 1982. (England) *
--- review in London, England newspaper

Williams, Richard. "Oh! Oh! Oh! what a girl!" London Times, July 22, 1982. (England) *
--- review in London, England newspaper

Comiskey, Ray. "Lulu's Back in Town." Irish Times, July 24, 1982. (Ireland) *
--- review in article in Dublin, newspaper

Curtright, Bob. "Confessions of a Free Spirit." Wichita Eagle, July 25, 1982. (United States) *
--- "But what she has written, and now collected in this volume, will be enough to ensure her a literary as well as cinema niche." - Wichita, Kansas newspaper

Taylor, John Russell. "Woman of Ideas: Lulu in Hollywood." Sight and Sound, Summer 1982. (England)
--- "Louise Brooks is a woman of ideas. Her writings—and this, for an actor, is really extraordinary—are about something more than just herself. She has ideas about Hollywood, she has ideas about life, and she does not necessarily confuse the two. . . . If Brooks has an Achilles heel, it is her own intelligence: she tends to attribute to others as much self-awareness and analytical power as she has herself."

Quirk, Lawrence J. "Lulu in Hollywood: A Weird Case of Media Super-Hype, Whitewash and Cover-Up Galore." Quirks Reviews, August, 1982. (United States) *
--- short article

Brown, Dennis. "Lulu's View." St. Louis Post-Dispatch, August 1, 1982. (United States) *
--- "If Kenneth Tynan's 1979 essay re-established Louise Brooks' reputation as an actress, these seven essays at once establish her vast talents as a writer." - St. Louis, Missouri newspaper

Tully, Jaoqi. "Lulu a rare book about Hollywood." Arizona Daily Star, August 1, 1982. (United States) *
--- "Louise Brooks is something of a buried treasure . . . . Lulu in Hollywood is a rare book about Hollywood, for it tells the truth poetically." - Tucson, Arizona newspaper

Campbell, Peter. London Review of Books, August 5 - 18, 1982. (England)
--- " . . . unfailingly perceptive about the arts of acting and film-making"

Whitman, Alden. "Lulu: more than just a pretty face." Dallas Morning News, August 8, 1982. (United States) *
--- "Lulu in Hollywood is a splendid book, made live by Brooks' vibrant, terse prose . . . ." - Dallas, Texas newspaper

Simon, John. "A Legend in Her Time." New Leader, August 9, 1982. (United States)
--- magazine review

Thurston, Chuck. "Hollywood Legend Has Her Own Stories to Tell." Detroit Free Press, August 11, 1982. (United States)
--- review in Detroit, Michigan newspaper

Kindscher, Katherine. "Hollywood reveals trash behind the flash." Kansas City Star, August 16, 1982. (United States) *
--- "Lulu in Hollywood is a treasure." - Milwaukee, Wisconsin newspaper

Updike, John. "Female Pilgrims." The New Yorker, August 16, 1982. (United States) *
--- joint review of Lulu in Hollywood along with a review of M. F .K. Fisher's As They Were by the Pulitzer Prize winning novelist; the review was later published in Updike's Hugging the Shore (New York: Knopf, 1983).

Nordell, Roderick. "On film: '20s actress and '80s critic; Brooks recalls career." Christian Science Monitor, August 25, 1982. (United States) *
--- short newspaper review

Everson, William K. "Lulu in Hollywood, by Louise Brooks." Films in Review, August / September 1982. (United States) *
--- two page magazine review

Rich, Alan. "Lulu in Hollywood." Smithsonian, September 1982. (United States) *
--- " . . . testimony to a beauty that flashed too briefly across the screen."

De Lappe, Pele. "Perfidious film industry exposed." People's World, September 4, 1982. (United States) *
--- review in leftist politcal newspaper

Giachetti, Romano. "I vizi di Lulu." La Repubblica, September 14, 1982. (Italy) *
--- review in Italian newspaper

Rothman, William. "Our Miss Brooks." American Film, October, 1982. (United States) *
--- long magazine review

Laschever, Sara. "Pandora's Box." New York Review of Books, October 21, 1982. (United States)
--- three page magazine review, with caricature by David Levine

Arbasin, Alberto. "Lulu a Hollywood." L'Espresso, October 24, 1982. (Italy) *
--- review by a well known Italian author

Manns, T. "Louise Brooks, Lulu in Hollywood." Filmrutan, no. 4, 1982. (Sweden)
--- review in Stockholm film journal

Chute, David. "What a Lulu!" Film Comment, November / December, 1982. (United States) *
--- "Because the book sustains a high level of insight and giddy entertainment value, Lulu in Hollywood is one of the most painlessly useful books in years. It is also an exhilarating display of the sort of diamond-hard prose whose beauty is inseparable from its precision."

Reynaert, P. and Payez, G. "De Brooks a Bruckner." November 15, 1982. (Belgium)
--- review in Brussels film journal (publication unknown)

Fox, Mary Ellen. "Lulu in Hollywood." Chronicles, December, 1982. (United States)
--- page 23; magazine of the Rockford Register Star from Rockford, Illinois

anonymous. "Christmas Books." New York Times, December 5, 1982. (United States)
--- brief inclusion in round-up of best books of the year; "Terse, raffish, authoritative essays" - New York City newspaper

Boyum, Joy Gould. "Lulu in Hollywood." Wall Street Journal, December 17, 1982. (United States)
--- "Brooks is an excellent, if heartless writer, who never had a good word to say about anyone."

author unknown. New York Post, ??, 1982. (United States)

author unknown. Toronto Star, ??, 1982. (Canada)

Purcell, J.M. "Lulu in Hollywood." Film Quarterly, no. 1, 1983. (United States)
--- pages 53- 54

Stern, Howard and Laschever, Sara. "Pandora's Box." New York Review of Books, January 20, 1983. (United States)
--- letter by Howard Stern, with reply by Sara Laschever (in response to a NYRB article of October 21, 1982)

National Council of Teachers of English. "Do You Like Film? Film Books?" The English Journal, February 1983. (United States) *
--- passing notice - "Louise Brooks' Lulu in Hollywood (Knopf, 1982, $15) is a series of essays by the most beautiful Hollywood starlet of the 1930s who made one great film, G. W. Pabst's Pandora's Box."

Thomson, David. "The Actress Taking the Part of Lulu." Threepenny Review, Spring 1983. (United States) *
--- long article in a literary journal

Grothjan, Kent. "New at the Library." Mountain Democrat, June 6, 1983. (United States) *
--- brief notice in article in Placerville, California newspaper

anonymous. "Current favorites for leisure reading." Christian Science Monitor, June 24, 1983. (United States) *
--- brief newspaper notice; "A Kansas girl who went through the Hollywood artifice mill, saw its tinseled tragedies, lived its broken life, and gained a small niche in film history now looks back at the perverse and tawdry scenes. She is less censorious than she ought to be, but is determined to set the record straight about how Hollywood dominates its talent - on and off the screen."

Beylie, Claude. "Louise Brooks par Louise Brooks." Avant-Scene Cinema, October, 1983. (France)
--- two page illustrated review; Paris publication

Decaux, Emmanuel. "Louise Brooks par Louise Brooks." Cinematographie, October, 1983. (France)
--- pages 66 - 67; Paris publication

Wysocki, Gisela von. "Die Film-Frau." Die Zeit, October 14, 1983. (Germany)
--- review in Germany newspaper

Mees, L. "Lulu in Hollywood door Louise Brooks." Film en Televisie, November, 1983. (Belgium)
--- review in Brussels publication

Herrmann, L. "Die Wahrheit zu schreiben." December, 1983. (West Germany)
--- uncertain Frankfurt publication

Comuzio, Ermanno. "Louise Brooks: Lulu a Hollywood." CineForum, May, 1984. (Italy) *
--- half-page review; Bergamo publication

"Lunga vita a Lulu." Via Dogana, June 1984. (Italy)
--- review of the 2nd Italian ed. of Lulu in Hollywood in this feminist magazine

Farinelli, Gianluca. "Lulu a Hollywood." Cineteca, September 1985. (Italy)
--- review; this issue also contains a brief illustrated appreciation of the actress and a review of Louise Brooks. Portrait d'une anti star

Witte, Karsten. "Louise Brooks über G.W. Pabst." Film, September 1985. (Germany) *
--- also published in this issue is a one page article on Brooks, along with a two page film still featuring the actress - Brooks also appears on the cover

Johnson, George. "New & Noteworthy." New York Times, June 25, 1989. (United States) *
--- capsule review of Limelight edition in New York City newspaper

Anderson, Jeffrey M. "Lulu in Hollywood, by Louise Brooks." Combustible Celluloid, 2000. (United States)
--- review of University of Minnesota reissue; web-based publication

Berman, Todd. "Essential Titles: Film." Contentville, 2000. (United States)
--- review of University of Minnesota reissue; web-based publication

Levin, Martin. Toronto Globe & Mail. September 16, 2000. (Canada)
--- regarding the resissue by the University of Minnesota press

Rising, Gerry. "Lulu in Hollywood." ArtVoice. August 30, 2001. (United States) *
--- article regarding Brooks and the University of Minnesota press reissue in weekly Buffalo newsmagazine

anonymous. "It's a case of reading: our panel of authors on what titles they will be packing into their suitcases this summer." The Bookseller. March 14, 2003. (England) *
--- writer Louise Welsh states "I'm also desperate to read Louise Brooks' Lulu in Hollywood (University of Minnesota Press), edited by Kenneth Tynan, and also his volume of profiles, Show People."

Costa, Romano . "Louise Brooks, passività e presenza." Alias, July 5, 2003.(Italy)
--- review of the 2nd Italian ed. of Lulu in Hollywood

Rosi, Viviana ."Lulu a Hollywood." L'Indice, nr. 11, 2003. (Italy)
--- review of the 2nd Italian ed. of Lulu in Hollywood



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