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Empty Saddles: A Bibliography

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lulu  This page presents an annotated, worldwide bibliography of reviews, articles and other published material related to the 1936 film Empty Saddles. This American film includes Louise Brooks in the role of Boots Boone. Around the world, this film was exhibited or written about under other titles including Vyprázdnit sedla (Czechoslovakia); Cowboyens hvilehjem (Denmark); and Puste siodla (Poland).

This page is a work in progress. The intention of this bibliography is to be as comprehensive as possible; most citations represent a substantial review or article. Shorter, capsule reviews - usually a paragraph or two in length - are so noted. Entries are arranged chronologically. Critical commentary regarding Brooks, or the film as a whole (excerpted from the material cited), are offered as annotations. Some citations are linked to the material cited. (Some links reside on the Louise Brooks Society website, while others exist elsewhere on the internet.) An * indicates that a copy of this citation is held in the archives of the LBS. If you know of additional citations, or can provide further information on the entries noted on this page, please contact the Louise Brooks Society via . If you would like to help find vintage newspaper reviews, please follow this link. This bibliography has been compiled by Thomas Gladysz, and was last updated in September 2005.

Empty Saddles
released December 20, 1936

Scheuer, Philip K. "Carole Lombard, Cary Grant Planning Paris Adventure." Los Angeles Times, August 31, 1936. (United States) *
--- mentions Brooks will appear in Empty Saddles, in film column in Los Angeles, California newspaper

Sutherland, Henry. "Motion Picture Marriage Market Is Today's Theme." Nevada State Journal, September 1, 1936. (United States) *
--- "Louise Brooks, who turned up her nose at a Paramount film contract to play on Broadway several years ago, is back in pictures. She has just signed with Buck Jones to play the feminine lead in his new sage-brush epic, Empty Saddles." - instance of mention in syndicated (United Press) film column in Reno, Nevada newspaper

anonymous. "News of the Screen." New York Times, September 3, 1936. (United States) *
--- "The same studio reports that Louise Brooks, recently returned from a European stage tour, will attempt a screen comeback opposite Buck Jones Empty Saddles." - mention in article in New York City newspaper

author unknown. Daily Variety, October 14, 1936. (United States)
--- "The yarn has plenty of suspense, numerous spooky situations, a good love theme and enough of the western touch to top a western dualer or fill out the action requirements of a mixed bill and leave the cash customers well satisfied."

author unknown. Hollywood Reporter, October 14, 1936. (United States)
--- "This Buck Jones Western must be set below par because of a rambling and cluttery story that is almost menaceless until the last reel or two and then, in the final chase and battle, is confusing and inconclusive."

anonymous. "Reviews of the New Films." Film Daily, October 17, 1936. (United States) *
--- capsule review; "Louise Brooks has quite a dramatic role as the heroine, which she handles very well."

author unknown. Motion Picture Daily, October 19, 1936. (United States)
--- page 7

author unknown. Box Office, October 24, 1936. (United States)
--- "Several new angles and Buck Jones' usual capable performance as a hard-riding, square shooting son of the saddle makes this an above par offering in the Western class."

M., G. "Showmen's Reviews." Motion Picture Herald, October 24, 1936. (United States) *
--- review in trade journal

anonymous. "Empty Saddles (Universal)." Selected Motion Pictures, November 1, 1936. (United States) *
--- capsule review; "A somewhat unusual western story, packed with excitement, fast-paced dramatic action, mystery and superb riding." - publication of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America

author unknown. Philadelphia Exhibitor, November 1, 1936. (United States)
--- "With most of the punch at the end, Jones fans, however, should be satisfied."

author unknown. National Legion of Decency, November 5, 1936. (United States)
--- "General patronage."

anonymous. "Coming Soon." Hartford Courant, November 22, 1936. (United States) *
--- article in Hartford, Connecticut newspaper

anonymous. "Coming Soon." Sheboygan Press, November 20, 1936. (United States) *
--- article in Sheboygan, Wisconsin newspaper

East Coast Preview Committee. Fox West Coast Bulletin, November 21, 1936. (United States)
--- "A somewhat unusual western story, packed with excitement, fast-paced dramatic action, mystery and superb riding . . . . The natural scenic effects are of exceptionally high quality."

author unknown. "Buck Jones Out on Location." Hollywood, December, 1936. (United States)
--- article on the making of Empty Saddles with four images, two of which include Brooks

anonymous. "State Previews." Kingsport Times, December 20, 1936. (United States) *
--- article in Kingsport, Tennessee newspaper

anonymous. "Province." Winnipeg Free Press, December 26, 1936. (Canada) *
--- short article in Winnipeg, Manitoba newspaper

anonymous. "At the Theaters." Monessen Daily Independent , December 30, 1936. (United States) *
--- "Of outstanding interest is the fact that the picture marks the return to the screen of lovely Louise Brooks, the Ziegfeld Follies girl who won film fame and then quit pictures at the height of her career. Her brunette beauty and her fine acting making her a splendid leading lady." - article in Monessen, Pennsylvania newspaper

anonymous. "Family Movie Guide." Parents Magazine, January, 1937. (United States) *
--- capsule review

author unknown. Monthly Film Bulletin, January, 1937. (England)
--- review

anonymous. "Antlers Today." Helena Independent, January 8, 1937. (United States) *
--- "Tomorrow and Saturday the Antlers will present Buck Jones in another red-blooded action picture, Empty Saddles, with Louise Brooks, Harvey Clark and Gertrude Astor. Buck joins a dude ranch in following a clue and upsets the entire county before he rights a wrong." - brief mention in small article in Helena, Montana newspaper

anonymous. "Buck Jones Arrives." Zanesville Signal, January 14, 1937. (United States) *
--- brief article in Zanesville, Ohio newspaper

anonymous. "City Opera House." News, January 16, 1937. (United States) *
--- brief article in Frederick, Maryland newspaper

anonymous. "Buck Jones Plays at State Theater." San Antonio Light, January 22, 1937. (United States) *
--- article in San Antonio, Texas newspaper

anonymous. "Empty Saddles on State Theater Bill." San Antonio Light, January 24, 1937. (United States) *
--- article in San Antonio, Texas newspaper

author unknown. January 31, 1937. (United States)
--- review of screening at Arena Theatre in New York City

author unknown. Kine Weekly, January 28, 1937. (England)

Wear. "Empty Saddles." Variety, February 3, 1937. (United States) *
--- "Louise Brooks, cast as a poor trader's child, is not flattered by the camera, but does a good bit of acting. She is the outstanding femme player in the slight romance."

anonymous. "Tell Him He Can't and He Will Do It." Denton Journal, April 17, 1937. (United States) *
--- brief article in Denton, Maryland newspaper

anonymous. "Double Feature Program Tonight at Forsythe Empty Saddles Sunday Monday." Hammond Times,, April 24, 1937. (United States) *
--- captioned photo in Hammond, Indiana newspaper

anonymous. "At the Theaters" Heraldo de Brownsville, May 20, 1937. (United States) *
--- brief article in Brownsville, Texas newspaper

anonymous. "Avalon Program for Coming Week." The Journal and Republican, June 17, 1937. (United States) *
--- brief front page article in Lowville, New York newspaper

Everson, William K. "Film Notes - Empty Saddles." Pacific Film Archive, August 14, 1982. (United States) *
--- brief program notes from the PFA Film Series "William K. Everson Presents: Peter Pan & Lulu at the End of the Trail-- Louise Brooks & Betty Bronson in 'B' Westerns!" (follow
this link to access text)

Blau, Eleanor. "Weekender Guide." New York Times, October 22, 1982. (United States) *
--- brief mention of screening in New York City newspaper

Rainey, Buck. The Life and Films of Buck Jones: The Sound Era. Waynesville, North Carolina: The World of Yesterday, 1991. *
--- includes a section on the film, as well as a handful of references and pictures of Brooks

Erickson, Hal. "Empty Saddles." All Movie Guide, circa 2000. (United States) *
--- capsule review on film website; "The leading lady in Empty Saddles is cult figure Louise Brooks, shorn of her famous bangs but still exotically beautiful nonetheless."

anonymous. "Empty Saddles." TV Guide Online, circa 2001. (United States) *
--- capsule review on entertainment website; "Notable as one of the few talkie appearances of Louise Brooks, an idol of film cultists when her early silent films were rediscovered in the mid-1950s."



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