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lulu  This page presents an annotated, worldwide bibliography of newspaper and magazine articles about Louise Brooks. This page includes entries from 1980 through the present. This bibliography is limited to articles with substantial, or significant, Brooks content. Entries are given in chronological order. Additionally, the country of origin of each citation is offered in brackets.

This page is a work in progress. The intention of this bibliography is to be as comprehensive as possible. Most citations represent a substantial or significant article. Some citations are linked to the material cited. (Some links reside on the Louise Brooks Society website, while others exist elsewhere on the internet.) An * indicates that a copy of this citation is held in the archives of the LBS. If you know of additional citations, or can provide further information on the entries noted on this page, please contact the Louise Brooks Society via . If you would like to help find vintage newspaper articles, please follow this link. This bibliography has been compiled by Thomas Gladysz, and was last updated in December 2006.

Articles from the 1980's

anonymous. "Piece together original Pabst film of 1929 with Louise Brooks' Lulu." Variety, February 13, 1980. (United States) *
--- trade journal article

Watters, Jim. "Nine to Remember." Life, February, 1980. (United States) *
--- Brooks is one of nine actresses profiled in this magazine article

Logette, Lucien. "Retour à Louise." Jeune Cinema, June, 1980. (France) *
--- article on the lack of information on Brooks' career; Brooks also appears on the cover

Dorn, Norman K. "Legendary Louise Brooks Couldn't Unbuckle the Bible Belt." San Francisco Chronicle, August 24, 1980. (United States) *
--- article; San Francisco, California newspaper

Fan, Ada. "Louise Brooks." City Life, November 26, 1980. (United States) *
--- article Rochester, New York magazine

Amengual, Barthélémy. "De Wedekind a Pabst." L’Avant-scène Cinema, December 1, 1980. (France)
--- illustrated article; Paris publication

Herrmann, Lucie. "Louise Brooks." Frauen & Film December, 1980. (Germany) *
--- article on the life and films of Brooks; later republished in Filmcritica, July, 1984.

Cottom, J. V. "Les Immortels du Cinema, Louise Brooks: Portrait d'une radieuse rebelle." Cine Revue, January 8, 1981. (France) *
--- pages 22 - 25; four page article with numerous illustrations

Dorn, Norman K. "Two Femme Fatales From the Flaming Flapper Era." San Francisco Chronicle, April 12, 1981. (United States) *
--- article on Brooks and Clara Bow; San Francisco, California newspaper

Quaresima, Leonardo. "Louise Brooks: il tulle bianco e il tulle rosa." Cinema & Cinema, April - September, 1981. (Italy)

Loos, Anita. "Greatest Actress in Moving Pictures." Vogue, September, 1981. (United States) *
--- an appreciation by the noted screenwriter

Davidson, David. "From Virgin to Dynamo: the 'Amoral Woman' in European Cinema." Cinema Journal, Fall 1981. (United States) *
--- lengthy essay discusses the role of the sexually-unrepressed woman in films such as "Die Buchse der Pandora", "Der Blaue Engel" and "Jules et Jim" - Brooks also appears on the back-cover

Thomson, David. "Louise Brooks: A lust for life." The Movie, no. 125, 1982. (England) *
--- three page article, with illustrations

Garner, Jack. "Portraits from Memory." Democrat & Chronicle, March 28, 1982. (United States) *
--- long article in Rochester, New York newspaper

Granger, Don. "Silent Movie Star Bitterly Recalls Last Wichita Stay." Wichita Eagle-Beacon, July 25, 1982. (United States)
--- article in Wichita, Kansas newspaper

Cagle, Charles. "Louise Brooks and the Road to Oz." The Little Balkans Review, Fall 1982. (United States) *
--- article in the Southeastern Kansas Literary and Graphics Quarterly

Matos-Oruz, J. de. "Cine a ler assinalar." Cineasta, September / December, 1982. (Spain ?)
--- article

Brown, Geoff. "Glimpse of star in sultry splendour." London Times, September 25, 1982. (England) *
--- article in London, England newspaper

Rothman, William. "Our Miss Brooks." American Film, October, 1982. (United States)

Tilberis, Elizabeth. "The Preserve of Beauty." Vogue, November 1982. (England) *
--- three page illustrated article - includes a contemporary photograph by Bruce Weber of a model made-up to look like Brooks

Garner, Jack. "A Golden Age gala." Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, November 6, 1982. (United States) *
--- subtitled "Seven movie immortals honored in Rochester; 2,000 at ceremonies." - Rochester, New York newspaper

Garner, Jack. "Curtain calls from a Hollywood past." Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, November 7, 1982. (United States) *
--- subtitled "Snapshots from the night four fabled stars came to Rochester, and how three visited an ailing compatriot." - Rochester, New York newspaper

anonymous. "Winners visit a rousing star." USA Today, November 8, 1982. (United States) *
--- short article about Eastman House awards ceremony; "Brooks quoted Goethe in her taped acceptance speech, saying that 'a person is of consequence insofar as he rouses others to action and enjoyment,' and said she hopes her films have done that for viewers."

Chute, David. "The real Louise Brooks unreels tonight in a film retrospective." Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, January 3, 1983. (United States) *
--- long article with portrait

Thomas, Kevin. "Revisiting a Siren of the Silents." Los Angeles Times, January 3, 1983. (United States) *
--- long article with portrait

Roberts, John. "Louise Brooks." Classic Images, February, 1983. (United States) *
--- one page article with illustrations; Brooks also appears on the cover

Schutz, Wayne. "Louise Brooks: A Magical Presence." Classic Images, April, 1983. (United States) *
--- introduction and filmography with illustrations

Schutz, Wayne. "Louise Brooks: A Magical Presence." Classic Images, May, 1983. (United States) *
--- part two of an annotated filmography which began in the previous issue

Bottelberghs, Paul. "G. W. Pabst, de afwezige arier." Andere Sinema, May, 1983. (Belgium) *
--- long, illustrated article with discussion of Brooks and her two films with Pabst; Antwerp publication

Tallmer, Jerry. "Interval by a Bubbling Brooks." New York Post, June 23, 1983. (United States) *
--- short article; New York City newspaper

McNamara, Donald. "A Conversation with Louise Brooks." Missouri Review, Summer 1983. (United States) *
--- long illustrated article / interview in a literary journal

Elsaesser, Thomas. "Lulu and the meter man." Screen, July - October, 1983. (England)
--- a shorter version of this article appeared in German Film & Literature (1986); London publication

Hummel, Heiße. "Die geheimnisvolle Stummfilm-Lulu von 1928, Louise Brooks, rechnet in einem Erinnerungsbuch mit den Sklavenhaltern von Hollywood ab." Der Spiegel, July 25, 1983. (Germany)
--- article in German news magazine

Wahl, Jan. "Louise Brooks: Rising Star, Falling Star." Movie & Film Collector’s World, July 29 and August 5, 1983. (United States)
--- two part article by the well known children's book author

Gramann, K. "Loulou." Skrien, September, 1983. (Netherlands)
--- pages 6 - 7; on the films and career of Brooks

Johnson, Andrew. "Media." Brooklyn Spectator, September 14, 1983. (United States) *
--- article with picture; New York City newspaper

Chase, Chris. "At the Movies: Pandora Star delighted that Lulu's back." New York Times, September 16, 1983. (United States) *
--- article with picture; New York City newspaper

Hinckley, David. "The Saga of Louise Brooks." Daily News, September 16, 1983. (United States) *
--- article with picture; New York City newspaper

N., G. AUFBAU, September 16, 1983. (United States)
--- German-language article about the screening of the Pabst films; New York City publication

Rothstein, Mervyn. "Louise Brooks Returns in 2 Classics." New York Times, September 16, 1983. (United States) *
--- article about the screening of the Pabst films; New York City newspaper

Tallmer, Jerry. "At Long Last, A Look at Brooks." New York Post, September 16, 1983. (United States) *
--- article about the screening of the Pabst films; New York City newspaper

anonymous. "Films for the Buff." Aquarian, Weekly Entertainment Journal, September 21, 1983. (United States)
--- article about the screening of the Pabst films; New York City publication

Morrone, John. "Louise Brooks, My One and Only." New York Native, September 26-October 9, 1983. (United States)
--- article in New York City gay-interest publication

Schutz, Wayne. "Update on Louise Brooks: A Magical Presence." Classic Images, October, 1983. (United States)
--- continuation of article from earlier issues

Mollica, Vincenzo. "Louise Brooks." Glamour 10, October, 1983. (Italy) *
--- short feature article accompanied by photographs and a portfolio of cartoon drawings of Brooks by various artists

Kauffmann, Stanley. "Two anomalous careers." New Republic, October 10, 1983. (United States)
--- two page article

anonymous. "Louise Brooks casts her spell." Boston Globe, October 12, 1983. (United States) *
--- article on the screening of the two Pabst films; Boston, Massachusetts newspaper

Carr, Jay. "The Legend of Louise Brooks." Boston Globe, October 13, 1983. (United States) *
--- full page article; "Louise Brooks has emerged as one of the great faces, one of the great personalities, and, finally, one of the great legends of films." - Boston, Massachusetts newspaper

Rothstein, Mervyn. "Lulu: The Beauty That Hollywood Rejected." San Francisco Chronicle, October 23, 1983. (United States) *
--- article about Brooks and a screening of the two Pabst films; San Francisco, California newspaper

Ulrich, Allan. "2 silent films of a genuine sex goddess." San Francisco Examiner, October 26, 1983. (United States) *
--- article about Brooks and a screening of the two Pabst films; San Francisco, California newspaper

Campbell, P. Michael. "Silent film actress 'Discovered'." Daily Californian, November 2, 1983. (United States) *
--- article in student publication; Berkeley, California newspaper

Ramasse, François. "Abécédaire pour Louise Brooks." Positif, December, 1983. (France) *
--- seven page illustrated article - a kind of Louise Brooks dictionary; Paris magazine

anonymous. "Louise Brooks - Screen Magic." Daily Hampshire Gazette, December 8, 1983. (United States)
--- article in Northhampton, Massachusetts newspaper

Thomson, David. "Louise Brooks: A Lust for Life." The Movie, no. 125, 1983. (England)

Thomson, David. "Louise Brooks." Le Cinema, no. 135, 1984. (France)
--- translated into French - same as "Louise Brooks: A Lust for Life."

Lyman, Rick. "Film: celebrating a star of silent movies." Philadelphia Inquirer, January 6, 1984. (United States)
--- "Among the most beautiful and enigmatic of all silent screen stars." - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania newspaper

Rousuck, J. Wynn. "Louise Brooks returns silently."Baltimore Sun, January 11, 1984. (United States) *
------ article about Brooks and a screening of the two Pabst films - Baltimore, Maryland newspaper

Engstrom, John. "Pandora's Brooks." Horizon, February, 1984. (United States)
--- three page article

author unknown. "Hometown Heroes." Wichita Eagle-Beacon, March 18, 1984. (United States)
--- article in Wichita, Kansas newspaper

anonymous. "Louise Brooks." Current Biography, April, 1984. (United States) *
--- long profile

Garner, Jack. "Recalling the artistry of Louise Brooks." Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, April 22, 1984. (United States) *
--- article with Pandora's Box still in Rochester, New York newspaper

Pancol, Katherine. "Troppo Lulu per essere una Garbo qualsiasi." L'Europeo, May 19, 1984. (Italy)
--- translated from French into Italian

Geng, Veronica. "Lulu in Washington." American Film, June, 1984. (United States) *
--- parody of Brooks and Lulu in Hollywood

Bosio, Maria. "Intervista a Louise Brooks su Guido Crepax." Filmcritica, July, 1984. (Italy) *
--- one page article in Brooks supplement "Almanacco Louise Brooks" - Brooks also appears on the cover - Montepulciano magazine

Herrmann, Lucie. "Louise Brooks." Filmcritica, July, 1984. (Italy) *
--- article in Brooks supplement "Almanacco Louise Brooks" - Montepulciano magazine; (originally published in Frauen & Film December, 1980 - tranalated into italian by Fabiana Bassani)

Mollica, Vincenzo. "Louise Brooks e il fumetto." Filmcritica, July, 1984. (Italy) *
--- exchange of letters between Brooks and Guido Crepax in Brooks supplement "Almanacco Louise Brooks" - Montepulciano magazine

Turroni, Giuseppe. "La canarina di Matisse." Filmcritica, July, 1984. (Italy) *
--- article in Brooks supplement "Almanacco Louise Brooks" - Brooks also appears on the cover - Montepulciano magazine

Vadeboncoeur, Joan E. "Filmmaker recounts conversations with silent film star Louise Brooks." Syracuse Herald Journal, January 22, 1985. (United States) *
--- article in Syracuse, New York newspaper

Vadeboncoeur, Joan E. "Landmark films offer two sides of Louise Brooks." Syracuse Herald Journal, January 24, 1985. (United States) *
--- article in Syracuse, New York newspaper

Garner, Jack. "A sadness for what might have been . . . ." Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, August 9, 1985. (United States)
--- appreciation by film critic; Rochester, New York newspaper

Pittman, Mark. "'Oh, she could tell a story,' says neighbor." Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, August 9, 1985. (United States)
--- local article; Rochester; New York newspaper

anonymous. "Greece Resident Was Special Fan of Louise Brooks." Greece Post, August 13, 1985. (United States)
--- newspaper article with two illustrations

Sarris, Andrew. Village Voice, August 27, 1985. (United States)
--- appreciation; New York publication

author unknown. 20 ans, no. 263, 1985. (France)
--- one page illustrated article

F., G. "La foto d'archivio." Cineteca, September 1985. (Italy)
--- brief illustrated appreciation (author is Gianluca Farinelli); this issue also contains reviews of Lulu a Hollywood and Louise Brooks. Portrait d'une anti star

Witte, Karsten. "Ihr ganzer Korper war Linie." Film, September 1985. (Germany) *
--- one page article on Brooks; also published in this issue is a review of the German issue of Lulu in Hollywood, along with a two page film still featuring the actress - Brooks also appears on the cover

Pancol, Katherine. "La star rebelle." Paris Match, September 13, 1985. (France) *
--- seven page illustrated article

Hinckley, David. "The saga of Louise Brooks." Daily News, September 16, 1985. (United States) *
--- article in New York City newspaper

Danvers, L. "Louise Brooks: dans l'usine a cauchemars." Visions, October, 1985. (Belgium)
--- illustrated article; Brussels publication

Bonneville, Leo "Rencontre Avec Louise Brooks." Sequences, October, 1985. (Canada) *
. --- brief introduction along with 1967 interview with Brooks by Patrice Howald; French, Canadian film journal from Montreal, Quebec

Everson, William K. "Remembering Louise Brooks." Films in Review, November, 1985. (United States)
--- appreciation by the well known film historian; Brooks also appears on the cover; later reprinted in Filmgeschichte (June, 1997)

Benayoun, Robert. "Louise l'invaincue (Forever Lulu)." Positif, November, 1985. (France) *
--- illustrated tribute to Brooks - one of three articles in this issue; Paris publication

Leduc, Jacques, Poirier, Andre and Theberge, Pierre. "Entretien avec Louise Brooks." Positif, November, 1985. (France) *
--- six page illustrated article - reprinted from Objectif, 1964; Paris publication

anonymous. "Filmographie positive et negative." Positif, November, 1985. (France)
--- three page filmography; Paris publication

anonymous. "Louise Brooks." Debris, issue nine, 1985. (England) *
--- one page article in English rock music zine

Herrmann, Lucie. "Louise Brooks." Frauen und Film, December, 1985. (Germany)
--- article; Frankfurt publication

anonymous. "Louise Brooks." Grand Angle, December, 1985. (France)
--- illustrated, brief biography and filmography

"Double Takes: Brooks." Sight & Sound, number 2, 1986. (England)
--- illustrated article

Robinson, David. "Louise, love and Lulu." Radio Times, February 15-21, 1986. (England) *
--- half page, illustrated article

author unknown. London Standard, February 19, 1986. (England)
--- article

Strazzulla, Gaetano. "Louise Brooks." Quaderni di cinema, nr. 30, January-December 1986. (Italy)
--- article

anonymous. "Eastman House given actress collection." Utica Daily Press, April 19, 1986. (United States) *
--- short article in Utica, New York newspaper

Reijnhoudt, Bram. "Louise Brooks: een zwarte blondine." Skoop, June 1986. (Netherlands)
--- illustrated article on the films of Louise Brooks, including biographies of directors G.W. Pabst and Augustino Genina

Reijnhoudt, Bram. "Louise Brooks Een zwarte blondine." Cinema VPRO, May-June-July-August, 1986. (Netherlands)
--- Brooks also appears on the cover

Sragow, Michael. "On film: Two immortal actresses." San Francisco Examiner, August 5, 1986. (United States) *
--- article about Brooks and Anna Magnani; San Francisco, California newspaper

Paris, Barry. "Lulu in Rochester." American Film, September, 1986. (United States) *
--- subtitled "Louise Brooks's letters portray the aging actress's last, bitter years"

Jenkins, Ron. "Our Miss Brooks: PBS reopens Pandora's Box." Boston Phoenix, September 16, 1986. (United States) *
--- article in Boston, Massachusetts weekly

Paris, Barry. "Sincerely, Louise." Democrat & Chronicle, November 19, 1986. (United States) *
--- article about Brooks letters in Rochester, New York newspaper

author unknown. Visions International, April 1, 1987 (France)
--- six page illustrated article

Thompson, Frank. "American Venus." Southline, January 20, 1988. (United States)
--- article; Atlanta, Georgia publication

anonymous. "Louise as Lulu: The Legend of Louise Brooks." Idols, February, 1988. (England) *
--- 3 page article (with four pictures and a small filmography) in "The Magazine for 20th Century Legends"

Scalzo, Tom. "Louise Brooks." Hollywood Studio Magazine, July, 1988. (United States)
--- two page illustrated article

Harry, Bill. "The Lost Louise." Idols, November, 1988. (England) *
--- 2 page illustrated article in "The Magazine for 20th Century Legends"

Wolverton, J. D. "Tribute Honors actress Louise Brooks." UCLA Daily Bruin, May 24, 1989. (United States)
--- Los Angles, California college newspaper

De Miro, Ester. "Louise Brooks." Cosmopolitan Italia, June, 1989. (Italy)

McDowall, Roddy. "Dark Star." Interview, October, 1989 (United States)
--- paragraph long appreciation

Paris, Barry. "Looking After Lulu." Vanity Fair, October, 1989 (United States)
--- extract from the biography

Paris, Barry. "Lulu and the Laundry Baron." Washington Post, October 15, 1989 (United States) *
--- newspaper article subtitled "Silents Vamp Louise Brooks and her Star- Crossed Affair with Washingtonian George Marshall"

Paris, Barry. "Our Wild Miss Brooks." American Film, November, 1989. (United States)
--- illustrated article

Clune, Henry. "A tragic figure, but why this cult?" Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, November 3, 1989. (United States) *
--- article with Pandora's Box still in Rochester, New York newspaper

Blomkvist, Marten. "Forforisk Brooks langt." Dagens Nyheter, November 5, 1989. (Sweden) *
--- article ("Seductive Brooks way ahead of her time.") published in Sweden's largest morning paper

Takahama, Valerie. "Fascinated by Louise Brooks Actress-writer still has people talking, biographer says." Orange County Register, November 21, 1989. (United States)
--- article about the Barry Paris biography

anonymous. "Screen Legends: Louise." Idols, December, 1989. (England) *
--- three page illustrated article

French, Sean. "Life Stories: The Perverse Magic of Louise Brooks." Marie Claire, December, 1989. (England)
--- illustrated four page article

Perry, Darrell B. "Movie Nostalgia." Oelwein Daily Register, December 29, 1989. (United States) *
--- article with portrait in Oelwein, Iowa newspaper

Articles from the 1990's

Sarris, Andrew. "The Legend of Louise Brooks." Village Voice, 199?. (United States)
--- article on Pandora's Box and Diary of a Lost Girl

Stanbrook, Alan. "The Legend of Lulu." 7 Days, January 28, 1990. (England) *
--- three page illustrated article in magazine of The Sunday Telegraph

anonymous. "Louise Brooks: The Last Movie." Idols, March, 1990. (England) *
--- three page illustrated article

Als, Hilton. "I am the happiness of this world." Artforum International, April, 1990. (United States)
--- two page essay on Brooks

Yusuf, Nilgin. "The Girl in the Black Helmet." Guardian, April 2, 1990. (England)
--- Manchester newspaper

Holmer, Per. "Louise Brooks - gatfullare an Garbo." ("Louise Brooks - more mysterious than Garbo.") Dagens Nyheter, April 10, 1990. (Sweden)
--- article in Sweden's largest morning paper

Simon, Jeff. "She Was the Real Lulu." Buffalo News, April 20, 1990. (United States)
--- concerns screenings and discussions of Brooks' films at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York

Chase, Anthony. "Louise Brooks, A Rare Film Treat." Buffalo News, April 22, 1990. (United States)
--- concerns screenings of Brooks' films at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery; Buffalo, New York newspaper

Als, Hilton. "I am the happiness of this world." Artforum International, April 28, 1990. (United States)
--- feature article on Brooks

Paris, Barry. "Lulu: Marilyn of the Silents, Rebel Without a Pause." Sunday Herald, April 29, 1990. (Australia)
--- long excerpt from the biography

author unknown. Cosmopolitan, June, 1990. (Australia)
--- three page illustrated article

various authors. Stile, Autumn - Winter, 1990. (Italy)
--- numerous illustrations and eight articles on Brooks in this glamour magazine, which also features the actress on the cover; includes "Lulù" (pp. 12 - 13); Maria Pia Fusco's "Louise Brooks: un modo di essere" (pp. 14 - 17); an untitled article by Gioia Costa (pp. 18 - 19); an untitled article by Ester De Miro D'Ajeta (pp. 20 - 23); an untitled article by Nicoletta Pallini (p. 25, concerning Erté with references to Brooks); an untitled article by Antonella Reda (pp. 26 - 27); an untitled article by Oscar Cosulich (pp. 28 - 30, concerning Crepax and Brooks); an untitled article by Marco Giusti (p. 31, references to Brooks in short article about the perfume Loulou by Cacharel)

Vukovic, Vladimir. "Louise Brooks." 15 dana: ilustrirani casopis za umjetnost i kulturu, 1990. (Croatia ?)
--- also includes Brooks' "Pabst and Lulu" translated by Silva Tomanic

Augusto, Sergio. "Louise Brooks." SET, 1991. (Brazil)

Kauffman, Bill. "Henry and Louise in the Lair de Clune." Crooked Lake Review, February 1992. (United States) *
--- discussion of Brooks in article about Henry Clune

Browne, Paul. "Louise Brooks The Earth Spirit." Telegraph, March & April, 1992. (England) *
--- two part article in fanzine devoted to the British rock band Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD); Brooks apears on the cover of the March 1992 issue

Roberts, John. "The Girl in the Black Helmet." The Pen and Quill, July - August, 1992. (United States)
--- article about Brooks for journal devoted to autograph collecting

Edwards, R. "The Legend of Lulu." Film News, no. 5, 1993. (United States)

Burchall, Greg. "Lulu at last." Melbourne Age, May 7, 1993. (Australia)
--- article about Brooks and Pandora's Box; Melbourne newspaper

Christie, Tiffany. "Jen Scores a Classic." Sydney Morning Herald, July 14, 1993. (Australia)
--- article about Brooks, Pandora's Box, and Jen Anderson score; Sydney newspaper

Leonelli, Elisa. "Louise Brooks as Lulu in Pandora's Box." Venice Magazine, August, 1993. (United States)
--- page 38; Los Angeles area magazine

Smith, Mark Chalon. "From 1929 'Pandora's Box' Emerges a Lulu of an Actress." Los Angeles Times, October 14, 1993. (United States)
--- article in newspaper's Orange County Edition

Naughton, John. "Tie me up, tie me down." Premiere, December, 1993. (England) *
--- five page illustrated article

Dufreigne, Jean Pierre. "Louise." L' Express, December 9, 1993. (France)
--- "Ne l'appelez plus Lulu (ou Loulou). Ne la traitez pas de star, de mythe. Appelez-la Louise. Traitez-la comme une femme. Une femme chef-d'oeuvre. On ne parle jamais au passé d'un . . . ."

Dufreigne, Jean Pierre. "Louise." L' Express, December 16, 1993. (France) *
--- short article

Douin, Jean-Luc. "L'ange dechu." Telerama, December 29, 1993. (France) *
--- two-page article surveys the life and career of the actress

Partridge, Des. "Film masterpiece resurrected in rare presentation ." Courier-Mail, January 15, 1994. (Australia)
--- article on a screening of Pandora's Box; Brisbane newspaper

Partridge, Des. "Luscious Lulu." Courier-Mail, January 29, 1994. (Australia)
--- article on a screening of Pandora's Box; Brisbane newspaper

Lord, Ken. "Classic film illustrates tragic talent." Sunday-Mail, January 30, 1994. (Australia)
--- article on a screening of Pandora's Box; Brisbane newspaper

Wollen, Peter. "Brooks and the Bob." Sight and Sound, February, 1994. (England)
--- article on what made Louise Brooks special

Lord, Ken. "Loud applause for silent film." Sunday-Mail, February 6, 1994. (Australia)
--- article on a screening of Pandora's Box; Brisbane newspaper

Hake, Sabine. "The continuous provocation of Louise Brooks." German Politics and Society, Summer 1994.

Cristalli, Paola. "Tragico fascino della Lulu di Louise Brooks." Cineteca, August 1994. (Italy)
--- article

Jaccard, Roland. "14 Octobre 1928. Pabst rencontre Louise Brooks à la gare de Berlin" Cahiers du Cinéma, no. 100, 1995. (France) *
--- full page article with photo of Brooks arrival in Berlin

Littau, Karin. "Refractions of the Feminine: The Monstrous Transformations of Lulu." MLN, September, 1995. (United States) *
--- pages 888 - 912; long article in academic journal - Brooks also appears on the cover

Vermilye, Jerry. "Louise Brooks." Films in Review, November / December 1995, January / February 1996, March / April 1996. (United States)
--- long, three part article

author unknown. "Louise Brooks." Elle, January, 1996. (Germany)
--- six page article with illustrations

Kirby, Sheryl. "Louise Brooks: A Profile." Stained Pages, 1996. (Canada)
--- fan article in Toronto, Canada 'zine

Renouard, Jean-Philippe. "Loulou La blonde aux cheveux noirs." Tele K7, March 31, 1997. (France).

Michel, Pascal. "Loulou." Le Point, April 5, 1997. (France)
--- short article about the showing of the restored Lulu on television

Siclier, Jacques. "La féminité subversive de Louise Brooks." Le Monde, April 7, 1997. (France)
--- short article about Pabst and Brooks

Amelie, Hastie. "Louise Brooks, Star Witness." Cinema Journal, Spring 1997. (United States)
--- academic article; "The writer discusses the image of actress Louise Brooks as it appeared through writings about her and her own writings. The focus is on the economy of discourse that encircles and historicizes Brooks and circulates through journalistic, historical, and theoretical works concerning her."

Everson, William K. "Remembering Louise Brooks." Filmgeschichte, June, 1997. (Germany)
--- appreciation by the well known film historian; Brooks also appears on the cover; earlier published in Films in Review (November, 1985).

Pabst, G.W. "Ich suche eine Lulu!." Filmgeschichte, June, 1997. (Germany)
--- article by the director; Brooks also appears on the cover

Sannwald, Daniela. "The Girl. Über Louise Brooks." Filmgeschichte, June, 1997. (Germany)
--- thematic issue of the Newsletter der Stiftung Deutsche Kinemathek contains three articles on Brooks; the actress also appears on the cover

Ohlsson, Joel. "Kvinnan med svart hjalm." Arbetet Nyheterna, July 24, 1997. (Sweden) *
--- article ("The woman with the black helmet.") in Swedish newspaper

Gladysz, Thomas. "Louise Brooks: American Venus." Retro, September, 1997. (United States)
--- article in an internet magazine devoted to vintage culture

Vassos, Preston. "Bringing a Silent Star to the Web." Retro, September, 1997. (United States)
--- article about the LBS

Roberson, Fontaine. "Flapper Has 'Virtual' Fan Club in Noe Valley." Noe Valley Voice, September, 1997. (United States)
--- article about Brooks and the LBS in this newspaper from San Francisco, California

Minutolo, Sergio. "Louise Brooks e il vaso richiuso." Cine Sessanta, November-December, 1997. (Italy)
--- pages 61 - 62; the author states that the Pordenone International Silent Film Festival screened The Street of Forgotten Men in 1996

Silberman, Steve. "Fan Site Sparks Biopic" Wired News, April 10, 1998. (United States)

Partridge, Des. "Star was silent but sexy." Courier-Mail, April 17, 1998. (Australia)
--- article prompted by an Australian television screening of Lulu in Berlin; contains sidebar filmography

Dardis, Tom. "What Lulu wanted." Vanity Fair, April, 1998. (United States)
--- magazine article

Fuller, Graham. "Louise Brooks." Interview, May, 1998. (United States)
--- article and interview with actress Shirley MacLaine

Evenson, Laura. "Lovely Lulu Lives Again: A decade after her death, silent-film star Louise Brooks is more popular than ever." San Francisco Chronicle, May 3, 1998. (United States)

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