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lulu  This page presents an annotated, worldwide bibliography of newspaper and magazine articles about Louise Brooks. This page includes entries from 1950 through 1979. This bibliography is limited to articles with substantial, or significant, Brooks content. Entries are given in chronological order. Additionally, the country of origin of each citation is offered in brackets.

This page is a work in progress. The intention of this bibliography is to be as comprehensive as possible. Most citations represent a substantial or significant article. Some citations are linked to the material cited. (Some links reside on the Louise Brooks Society website, while others exist elsewhere on the internet.) An * indicates that a copy of this citation is held in the archives of the LBS. If you know of additional citations, or can provide further information on the entries noted on this page, please contact the Louise Brooks Society via . If you would like to help find vintage newspaper articles, please follow this link. This bibliography has been compiled by Thomas Gladysz, and was last updated in January 2007.

Articles from the 1950's

author unknown. "Les Mémoires de Louise Brooks." Cinema, January (or March), 1954. (France)
--- article

Clune, Henry. "Seen and Heard." Democrat & Chronicle, October 25, 1959. (United States) *
--- article in Rochester, New York newspaper

Articles from the 1960's

author unknown. Cinelandia, April, 1962. (Brazil)
--- one page article with illustration

anonymous. "Screen Star." Courier Journal, April 12, 1963. (United States) *
--- article in weekly newspaper of the Catholic Archdiocese of Rochester, New York

Articles from the 1970's

Price, Theodore. "Louise Brooks - alias Dixie Dugan - is alive and well in Rochester. Remember her ?." Democrat & Chronicle, November 5, 1972. (United States) *
--- long, illustrated magazine article in Rochester, New York newspaper

Dorn, Norman K. "Tales of love and death." San Francisco Sunday Examiner & Chronicle, January 28, 1973. (United States) *
--- article with portrait

Leacock, Richard. "A Conversation with Louise Brooks." Lulu in Berlin, 1973. (United States) *
--- transcript of the filmed interview with Louise Brooks (scroll down)

Wickbom, Kaj. "Den bortglomda Louise Brooks." October 15, 1973. (Sweden) *
--- ("The Forgotten Louise Brooks.")- newspaper article in unidentified newspaper

Badder, D. J. "Louise Brooks." Film Dope, July, 1974. (United States) *
--- illustrated filmography; "By some inexplicable chemistry, Louise's presence on the screen is enough to make wonders happen." - Brooks also appears on the cover

Granger, Don. "Talk of the Town." Wichita Eagle-Beacon, August 10, 1974. (United States) *
--- "gossip" column; Wichita, Kansas newspaper

Hoaglin, Jess L. Hollywood Studio Magazine, October, 1974. (United States) *
--- short article with portrait

anonymous. "La magie de Louise." Stars & Cinema, October 9, 1974. (Belgium) *
--- two page article

Pratley, G. "Louise Brooks." Film, May, 1975.
--- illustrated article

Hoaglin, Jess L. "Wherever is . . . ?" Hollywood Independent, May 8, 1975. (United States)
--- short article with portrait

author unknown. Hollywood Studio Magazine, October - November, 1976. (United States)

Newlin, Dika. "Out of Pandora's Box: How a Ziegfeld girl starred in a silent film of Lulu." Opera News, April 2, 1977. (United States) *
--- two page article with portrait; part of an all-Lulu issue

anonymous. "Louise Brooks Ill, Will Skip Pabst Pic Screening in Paris." Variety, February 28, 1979. (United States) *
--- "These latterday acclaims prompts Brooks to comment with her characteristic detachment, 'I was dug out of my film grave and invented as a great actress'."

Tynan, Kenneth. "Louise Brooks: The Girl in the Black Helmet." The New Yorker, June 11, 1979. (United States) *
--- long article

Landry, Robert J. "Louise Brooks Profile Recalls U.S. Snubs, European Honors." Variety, June 13, 1979. (United States) *
--- article

Tynan, Kenneth. "The Girl in the Black Helmet." Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, July 8 - 12, 1979. (United States) *
--- syndicated version of the New Yorker profile

Haberman, Clyde and Krebs, Albin. "Notes on People." New York Times, August 7, 1979. (United States) *
--- short article on Brooks' appearance at Edward Steichen exhibit

anonymous. American Cinematographer, September, 1979. (United States)
--- review of Louise Brooks: portrait d'une anti-star

anonymous. "Louise Brooks film at Walker makes Garbo inconsequential." Minneapolis Tribune, September 13, 1979. (United States) *
--- article on Brooks and screening of Pandora's Box; Minneapolis, Minnesota newspaper

Thevenet, Homero Alsina. "Lulu Por Lulu." Imagenes, November, 1979. (Mexico)
--- six page illustrated article; Brooks also appears on the cover

Tynan, Kenneth. "Dream Woman of the Cinema: The Girl Who Was Lulu." Observer Magazine, November 11, 1979. (England) *
--- illustrated article; Brooks also appears on the cover

lulu  For a continuation of this bibliography, please visit the Louise Brooks Bibliography (part 4) for entries dating from 1980 to the present. Thank you for your interest.



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