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Louise Brooks Bibliography (part 2)

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lulu  This page presents an annotated, worldwide bibliography of newspaper and magazine articles about Louise Brooks. This page includes entries dating from 1930 through 1949. This bibliography is limited to articles with substantial, or significant, Brooks content. Entries are given in chronological order. Additionally, the country of origin of each citation is offered in brackets.

This page is a work in progress. The intention of this bibliography is to be as comprehensive as possible. Most citations represent a substantial or significant article. Some citations are linked to the material cited. (Some links reside on the Louise Brooks Society website, while others exist elsewhere on the internet.) An * indicates that a copy of this citation is held in the archives of the LBS. If you know of additional citations, or can provide further information on the entries noted on this page, please contact the Louise Brooks Society via . If you would like to help find vintage newspaper articles, please follow this link. This bibliography has been compiled by Thomas Gladysz, and was last updated in September 2005.

Articles from the 1930's

Belfage, Cedric. "Their European Souls." Motion Picture, February, 1930. (United States) *
--- article on American actors who went to Europe; Brooks is mentioned at length and pictured

anonymous. "Les Conseils de Louise Brooks vedette de Prix de Beauté." Ciné-Miroir, March 7, 1930. (France) *
--- article on fashion advice

Suard, Evelina. "L'oracolo della bellezza femminile svelato da Louisa Brooks." Excelsior, May 6 - 13, 1930. (Italy) *
--- Italian translation of "Conseils" in Ciné-Miroir, March 7, 1930

anonymous "Louise Brooks." De Film, April 20, 1930. (Belgium)
--- four page illustrated article; Brooks also appears on the cover

anonymous "Louise Brooks." De Film, June 22, 1930. (France)
--- four page illustrated article (same as above entry); Brooks also appears on the cover

Parsons, Louella. "Louise Brooks to Go Back On the Screen in Role in Western with Buck Jones." New York American, August 2, 1930. (United States) *
--- article with portrait in syndicated column; New York City newspaper

anonymous. "A carreira de Louise Brooks." Cinéfilo, October 4, 1930. (Portugal)
--- illustrated article

author unknown. "Along the Rialto." Film Daily, October 10, 1930. (United States)
--- mentions Brooks' return to Hollywood

anonymous. "Louise Brooks Again." Dallas Morning News, November 11, 1930. (United States) *
--- brief article in Dallas, Texas newspaper

author unknown. "Louise Brooks." Almanach de Mon Cine 1930, 1930. (France) *
---illustrated article (scroll down link document for article transcript)

author unknown. "Louise Brooks." Annuaire du film 1931, 1931. (France) *
---illustrated article (scroll down link document for article transcript)

author unknown. "Louise Brooks is 'Flat Broke'." New York Graphic, February 2, 1932. (United States)
--- New York City newspaper

author unknown. "Brooksy Broke, Save for Duds." New York Telegraph, February 2, 1932. (United States)
--- New York City newspaper

anonymous. "Ex-Film Star Gets Role in Bankruptcy." New York Daily News, February 10, 1932. (United States) *
--- article along with a front-page photo of Brooks; New York City newspaper

anonymous. "Louise Brooks (Dixie to You) is Bankrupt." New York Graphic, February 10, 1932. (United States) *
--- short article in New York City newspaper; a later edition of the paper ran a captioned photo headlined "Dixie Dugan is Broke."

Martorell, Ramon. "Louise Brooks O La Estrella Que Seahogo Champana." Cinegramas, December 2, 1934. (Spain) *
--- two page illustrated article in Madrid-based film magazine

Associated Press. "Silent Star Plans Talkie Comeback." Oakland Tribune, January 6, 1937. (United States) *
--- brief syndicated article in Oakland, Tribune newspaper

anonymous. "Former Wichita Film Star Dances Up Comeback Trail." Wichita Eagle, January 6, 1937. (United States) *
--- article in Wichita, Kansas newspaper

anonymous. "Buck Jones Brings Louise Brooks Back." Sunday Times-Signal, January 10, 1937. (United States) *
--- syndicated article in Zanesville, Ohio newspaper

anonymous. "Luisa Brooks Ha Vuelto A Hollywood." Prensa, January 24, 1937. (United States) *
--- article in Spanish-language Texas newspaper

Articles from the 1940's

anonymous. "Pretty Wichita Girl Thwarts Big Swindle." Wichita Beacon, June 19, 1940. (United States) *
--- "$147,000 Film Plot Smashed with Arrests" - article with portrait; Wichita, Kansas newspaper

anonymous. "Has a Manual On Dancing Art." Wichita Eagle, December 17, 1940. (United States) *
--- article in Wichita, Kansas newspaper

C., L. "Due donne strabilianti,." Tempo, March 6 - 13, 1941. (Italy)
--- article about Brooks and Pina Menichelli, vamp of the Italian silent cinema - one page of text and three pages with captioned pics from Pandora's Box and Menichelli's films. The author is the Italian director Luigi Comencini

Viazzi, Glauco. "Lulu." Cinéma v. s, July 25 - August 10, 1943. (Italy)
--- "Ad interpretare Lulu, Pabst chiamò l'attrice Louise Brooks, né migliore poteva essere la sua scelta: dotata d'una maschera mobilissima (certo più duttile di quella d'una Brigitte Helm o d'una Greta Garbo, che in quel periodo avevano già 'fissato' sul volto il loro tipo, il carattere, l'interiore personalità) l'Americana si prestava a dare al personaggio ideato da Pabst un fisico che oggi, ad una buona distanza d'anni, non ancora appare sommerso, e reso sgraziato dai costumi dell'epoca, e soprattutto un sicuro, caratteristico senso recitativo tutto fatto allusioni e sfumature, d'improvvisi e sconcertanti scatti posti (in contrasto o in aderenza) accanto a raffinate indolenze del gestire, dell'incedere."

lulu  For a continuation of this bibliography, please visit Louise Brooks Bibliography (Part 3) for entries dating from 1950 through 1979. Thank you for your interest.



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