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color splash This page presents an annotated, worldwide bibliography of material from books about or referencing the Louise Brooks Society. Entries are arranged chronologically. The LBS has also been mentioned in magazine and newspaper articles; a bibliography of those references can be found here. If you know of additional citations, please contact the Louise Brooks Society.

Paracchini, Fabio. Cyber show. Cinema e teatro con Internet. Italy: Ubulibri, 1996.
-- "La pagina della Louise Brooks Society offre ai navigatori un'ampia e varia raccolta di materiali sull'attrice: dati biografici e filmografici, ma anche interviste apparse su riviste d'epoca, fotografie rare, registrazioni e una ricca collezione di recensioni e articoli giornalistici. Tutto il materiale viene aggiornato e arricchito continuamente, per cui se siete dei fan di Louise Brooks vi consigliamo di tornare spesso a visitare questo sito." ["The pages of the Louise Brooks Society gives surfers a wide and varied collection of material about the actress: biographical and filmography data, and also interviews which appeared in vintage magazines, rare photos, records and a rich collection of reviews and newspaper articles. The material is continuously updated and enriched, so if you're a fan of Louise Brooks we suggest you to visit often this site."] - write-up in Italian guide book

Girl Tech. Tech Girl's Internet Adventures. Foster City, California: IDG Books, 1997.
-- featured in internet guide book

Krenn, Gunter. Geheimnisvolle Tiefe G.W. Pabst. Vienna: Austrian Film Archive, 1998.
-- monograph, contains a handful of references to Louise Brooks Society

Bennett, Graham. Directory of Web Sites. New York: Routledge, 1999.
-- referenced in reference work

Krenn, Günter and Paolo Caneppele. Film ist Comics. Vienna: Filmarchiv Austria, 1999.
-- handful of passages credit Louise Brooks Society

Brooks, Louise. Lulu in Hollywood. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2000.
-- "The University of Minnesota Press gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Thomas Gladysz, director of the Louise Brooks Society, in the publication of this book."

Paris, Barry. Louise Brooks. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2000.
-- "The University of Minnesota Press gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Thomas Gladysz, director of the Louise Brooks Society, in the publication of this book."

Tomasi, Dario and Aimeri, Luca. Internet per il cinema. Torino: Utet Libreria, 2001.
-- referenced in Italian guide book: "Ottima resourch page sulla protagonista di Lulu," ("Fine resource page about the actress of Lulu . . .")

Cooke, Paul. German Expressionist Films. Herts, England: Pocket Essentials, 2002.
-- noted in book

Maddex, Alison. Sex in the City. New York: Universe, 2002.
-- acknowledged in notes and credits

Miller, Rick. Photoplay Editions. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland, 2002.
-- cited in bibliography

Horlock, Rob. I Remember When I Was Young. Unlimited Publishing, 2003.
-- acknowledgement

Rozewicz, Tadeusz. Il Guanto Rosso e altre poesie. Milano, Italy: Libri Scheiwiller, 2003.
-- photo credit

Wishart, David J. Encyclopedia of the Great Plains. Lincoln, Neb: University of Nebraska Press, 2004.
-- acknowledgement and photo credit

Cowie, Peter. Louise Brooks: Lulu Forever. New York: Rizzoli, 2006.

Hudovernik, Robert. Jazz Age Beauties: The Lost Collection of Ziegfeld Photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston. New York: Universe, 2006.
-- acknowledgement

Swartout, Kristy A. Encyclopedia of Associations. Farmington Hills, MI: Gale Group, 2006.
-- referenced in reference work

Marques, Gabriela Mota. Cabelos à Joãozinho: a garçonne em Portugal nos anos vinte. Lisboa: Livros Horizonte, 2007.
-- acknowledgement

MobileReference. Encyclopedia of American Cinema for Smartphones and Mobile. Boston: MobileReference, 2007.
-- referenced in reference book

Брукс, Луиза. Лулу в Голливуде. Moscow - St. Petersburg: Rosebud Publishing, 2008.
-- acknowledgement in Russian edition of Lulu in Hollywood

Bernstein, Samuel. Lulu: A Novel. Los Angeles: Walford Press, 2010.
-- acknowledgement

Böhme, Margarete. The Diary of a Lost Girl. San Francisco: PandorasBox Press, 2010.
-- acknowledgement

Moriarty, Laura. The Chaperone. New York: Riverhead Books, 2012.
-- photo credit

Moriarty, Laura. Le stelle brillano a New York. Milano, Italy: Piemme, 2013.
-- photo credit on Italian edition of The Chaperone

Murillo, Robert S. The Vanity. CreateSpace, 2013.
-- the Louise Brooks Society is a character in this novel


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