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color splash  Founded in 1995, the Louise Brooks Society is an association of individuals interested in the life and films of Louise Brooks. The LBS is a social & scholarly group, an international fan club, and an on-line archive. Membership affords the opportunity to exchange ideas and associate with like-minded individuals from around the world. This website ( serves as home to the society, with many, but not all, LBS activities taking place over the web. To learn more about the group's history as well as its current activities, please visit About the LBS.

Anyone interested in the life and films of Louise Brooks is eligible to join. The group is composed of individuals of all ages, interests, and backgrounds. To date, some 1500 people from 50 countries on six continents have joined the LBS. A geography of membership may be found here.

Join the LBS

Individuals may join the Louise Brooks Society as either a basic or contributing member.


Basic membership in the Louise Brooks Society is free and open to all. Anyone wishing to join should fill out the form displayed below. Once enrolled, individuals will receive the following benefits of basic membership, including:

1) full access to the rich array of material on the LBS website
2) subscription to the society's email newsletter, "News of Lulu"
3) email alerts (events, new releases, site updates, etc...)
4) offers on related merchandise
5) the satisfaction of knowing you've joined a community of like minded individuals


Contributions help keep the Louise Brooks Society growing. If you enjoy visiting this website, please consider becoming a contributing member. Individuals become a contributing member by making either a monetary or in-kind contribution. (In-kind contributions include help with research or translation, or the donation of needed materials). Please see the Help Wanted page for information on making an in-kind contribution.

Contributing membership in the Louise Brooks Society is available at differant levels. Individuals wishing to join the LBS as a contributing member are asked to fill out the form shown here, and additionally note the level of their contribution. Once enrolled, individuals will receive the benefits of basic membership, as well as the following according to their contribution. A list of contributing members may be found here.


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$0.00 to $24.99 (fan)

basic membership

$25 to $99.99 (actor)
basic membership +
website acknowledgement
mini Lulu button

$100 to $249.99 (cult figure)
all of the above +
newsletter acknowledgement
Diary of a Lost Girl (signed paperback)

$250 to $499.99 (ingénue)
all of the above +
discounts on LBS merchandise
Prix de Beaute t-shirt (pick color & size)

$500 to $999.99 (movie star)
all of the above +
Barry Paris signed broadside
Louise Brooks assortment (3+ programs or books)

$1000 to $9999.99 (film great)
all of the above +
home page acknowledgement
Pandora's Box keepsake (select 1)

$10,000 and above (cultural icon)
all of the above +
all future LBS publications
Pandora's Box keepsake (complete set of 7)


The LBS is set up to accept contributions through PayPal. (If so desired, individuals may also send a check to the address noted below.) Make your PayPal contribution here:


Uncertain about how to join the Louise Brooks Society? Have a question, comment or concern? Email the LBS via the contact link at the top of the page. Via postal mail, the Louise Brooks Society may be reached at:

  Louise Brooks Society
1518 Church Street
San Francisco, California 94131-2018
United States of America

Your interest in Louise Brooks and the Louise Brooks Society is sincerely appreciated. In addition to a financial or in-kind contribution, here are a few other ways individuals can support the LBS:

-- Purchase a book, compact disc, or DVD for the Louise Brooks Society from the LBS wish list: these items are needed for research or as background material, while some, such as compact discs, will be used in adding musical selections to RadioLulu. Individuals become a contributing member at the level of their purchase-donation.

-- Underwrite an expense, such as RadioLulu: the Louise Brooks Society pays $120.00 annually to stream its unique online radio station. That amount includes the licensing fees associated with broadcasting music over the web. Show your support by paying for part or a full year's broadcast. Individuals become a contributing member at the level of their donation, and will be acknowledged on the RadioLulu homepage. To direct your contribution toward RadioLulu, please make a note in the comment field. (Full or partial underwriting for the current year is available.)

-- Sponsor a research trip to one of the following destinations—Rochester, New York; Austin, Texas; Madison, Wisconsin; or New York City. Each is home to a library or archive of special interest to the LBS in its quest to document "all things Brooksie." The LBS is also interested in visiting Cherryvale, Wichita, and Topeka, Kansas. Sponsorship would entail a flight from San Francisco, California as well as hotel accommodation for three or four nights and a rental car (if necessary). Underwrite a research trip and become a contributing member at the "film great" level. To direct your contribution toward a research trip, please make a note in the comment field.

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