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lulu  Welcome to the Louise Brooks Society, the largest & most comprehensive website devoted to any silent movie star. The Louise Brooks Society (or LBS) is a "virtual fan club" in cyberspace. Most all club activities - including its newsletter, membership meetings, individual participation, and correspondence - take place over the internet.

The Louise Brooks Society is also an online archive - a place on the information superhighway where individuals can learn about the life and times of the actress. Vintage and contemporary documents are made available on this site for the edification and enjoyment of interested viewers. Content original to this site is © 1995 - 2006 by Thomas Gladysz / Louise Brooks Society.

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  • The goals of the LBS are to promote a greater awareness of the life and films of Louise Brooks. It is hoped that those who visit these pages and share an interest in the actress will join in the ongoing development of this site. Participation is welcome and encouraged! Please visit the Help Wanted page for ways in which you might be able to assist.

    The Louise Brooks Society was established as a meeting point for individuals from around the world. At last count, its more than 1400 members hail from 49 countries on six continents. Members of the LBS include silent film buffs, movie industry professionals, actors, writers, professors, artists, and other interested individuals from all walks of life. Individuals can join the LBS by visiting the Membership Page.

    To date, nearly 2,000,000 visitors have passed through the pages of this site. Visitor logs show that individuals have visited the LBS from nearly 100 different countries including Russia, Estonia, Croatia, and Slovenia - as well as Cyprus, Kuwait, Bahrain, Thailand, and China. Find out more about the world wide popularity of Louise Brooks by visiting the Geographical Survey page.

    The Louise Brooks Society website is designed and maintained by Thomas Gladysz, with the assistance of Christy Pascoe.


    The Louise Brooks Society is devoted to the study and promotion of the life and films of Louise Brooks. The LBS was begun informally in late 1994, and launched as a website in August, 1995. Since that time, the LBS has grown to become one of the leading sites devoted to any film star.**   The on-line archive and the scholarly material found on the site are one of its primary assests. In its short history, the LBS has helped bring both the Barry Paris biography and Brooks' own Lulu in Hollywood back into print. It has also co-sponsored events, mounted local exhibits, "inspired" a documentary, and generated media interest in the actress. A more extensive history of the Louise Brooks Society and its activities can be found elsewhere on this site.

    The mission of the Louise Brooks Society is to honor the actress by stimulating interest in Louise Brooks' life and films, as well as her place in 20th century culture; by fostering and coordinating research on her life, films and writings; by serving as a repository for material relevant to the actress; and by advocating for the preservation and restoration of Louise Brooks' films and related material.

    The purpose of this LBS web site is to promote interest in the actress by offering membership in the society; by serving as a focal point for related activities; by disseminating accurate information and bibliographies about the life and films of Louise Brooks; and by offering individuals a variety of materials to assist in their study and appreciation of the actress. Above all, the LBS encourages the viewing of Louise Brooks' surviving films, and the fellowship of her many admirers.

    Future projects include the ongoing development of this website, the publication of new material about the actress, and the observation of the centennial of the actress' birth in 2006. The LBS also hopes to raise funds toward the restoration of a Brooks' film, and toward gaining her a star in Hollywood. Other projects are in the works.

    The efforts of the Louise Brooks Society have been widely recognized in the media. (See the on-line clippings listed above, or visit the LBS Bibliography.) The LBS has also recieved numerous internet awards and designations. Please see the Award Page for a somewhat complete list. A few of the awards and designations the site has received are noted below.

    hollywood site of the week open directory Britannica Internet Guide

    ** A historical footnote: The earliest archived newsgroup post mentioning the Louise Brooks Society (a query from the LBS itself) dates to January 29, 1996. [ An earlier posting, from October 27, 1995, announces the website. ] These posts are part of the 20-year Usenet Archive which contain over 700 million messages. The earliest archived LBS webpage dates to April 11, 1997. This page is part of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.


    The enthusiasm and generosity of fans have contributed to the growth of this website. Individuals from around the world have shared rare material. Others have performed research, translated articles, visited libraries and archives, or sent images and interesting information. A list of individuals who have aided the LBS can be found on the Acknowledgements page.

    The LBS appreciates the emails and letters many have sent from across the United States and the world. Judging by her fans, Louise Brooks is truly an international star ! Keep your correspondence coming . . . . Send comments or suggestions to this . Have something to share? Large image files, media files, text files (.pdf or word .docs), or other digital material may be sent to this . The Louise Brooks Society can be reached via postal mail.


    Louise Brooks Society
    1518 Church Street
    San Francisco, California 94131-2018
    United States of America
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    Thank you for your interest in Louise Brooks and the Louise Brooks Society.



    Copyright  © Louise  Brooks  Society.  Applicable  rights  reserved.
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