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lulu  The Louise Brooks Society website was launched in August of 1995. It was the first Louise Brooks website, and one of the earliest sites devoted to any silent film star. Over the years, the LBS has been received a good deal of recognition both for its efforts in promoting the life and films of Brooks, as well as for its achievements as a website.(A more extensive History of the LBS can be found elsewhere on this website.) This page highlights some, but not all, of the many honors the LBS has received.

Mosaic, the world's first web browser (a joint production of NCSA, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, and GNN, the Global Network Navigator) recognized an early incarnation of the Louise Brooks Society by including it on it's "What's New" page way back on June 27, 1996. This humble listing was the first recognition the site ever received. The first internet honor was a four-slate rating (the best possible) from the North Carolina Institute of Film Arts, which rated film websites. Since then, the LBS has received numerous internet awards and designations. Some are pictured here.

open directory top 5% of the web magellan 3 star award cosdbutton

The Louise Brooks Society is especially proud to have been named a recommended site by the on-line version of the Encyclopedia Brittanica. (The LBS is also noted in the encyclopedia's entry on the actress). This site was included in the Art & Music Pavilion of the Internet 1996 World Exposition, a world's fair for the information age. As well, the LBS was made suggested on-line reading for History 113, "Women and the American Experience," a class taught at Assumption College in Massachusetts. Numerous other classes at the junior high, high school and college level have also made pages on the LBS website suggested or required reading.

The LBS has been named a "Hollywood Site of the Week," and a Celebrity Site of the Day. The LBS made Yahoo's "Desert Island List" in November, 1996, and was a featured "Web Pick" on March 21, 1997, as chosen by the editorial staff of the now defunct online magazine GIST. Another early instance of recognition came when the LBS was written up in the "NetSurf" section of the HotWired website. In 1997, the LBS was named part of the Microsoft Network's "One Click Away" program.

gist hollywood site of the week panacea Britannica Internet Guide critical mass

Scattered about this page are some of the other internet awards and designations given to the Louise Brooks Society. The LBS is pleased and honored to have been recognized by each of these sites. A few of the awards pictured on this page link to the originating site. And as well, a bibliography of some of the print media recognition the LBS has received can also be found on this website.

WBW_nominee msn award Majon Award

Some of the best "positive feedback" the LBS has received came from Roger Ebert, the Pulitzer Prize winning film critic. Ebert told the LBS that he made use of the site while researching Pandora's Box. The LBS was also very pleased to have received email from various relatives of Louise Brooks. They told the LBS they had enjoyed surfing the website, and had learned much about their famous relation.

fan link directory Célébrités Sélection

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