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lulu  The Louise Brooks Society would like to thank the following individuals for their contributions to this website. Each of these individuals have aided the development of the LBS in its efforts to document "all things Brooksie." These individuals have - on different occasions and in different ways - helped look for vintage film reviews, translated articles into English, performed research, scanned rare publications or memorabilia, contributed hard-to-find images or other material, shared their expertise, or have made a financial contribution to further the goals of the LBS. All together, these contributing members have done much to make the Louise Brooks Society one of the leading silent film websites. Certainly, their efforts are appreciated by the site's many members and actress' many fans.

The LBS would like to acknowledge the following individuals, groups and organizations. Each is a contributing member. A star indicates extraordinary contributions!

Content available to contributing members   CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS   Content available to contributing members

Mark Armstrong-Roper
(Melbourne, Australia)

Samuel Bernstein LBS star
(Los Angeles, California)

Jeannick Brisson
(Paris, France)

Charles Cagle
(Pittsburg, Kansas)

Mark Carlson
(Ocala, Florida)

Gianluca Chiovelli LBS star
(Rome, Italy)

Clementi Bilinsky
(Paris, France)

Jean-Louis Cocriamont LBS star
(Brussels, Belgium)

James D. Dilworth
(Reno, Nevada)

Russell D. Fernandez
(Parsons, Kansas)

Jim Ferrie
(Shrewsbury, England)

Sal Gaudio
(Miller Place,New York)

Tector Gripengren LBS star
(Stockholm, Sweden )

Amanda Howard LBS star
(Wichita, Kansas)

Henry Jenne

Margaret Junker
(Fresno, California)

Troy Kirk
(San Diego, California)

Gerhard Klag
(Frankfurt, Germany)

Günter Krenn LBS star
(Vienna, Austria)

Meredith Lawrence LBS star

Marlon Ligeon LBS star

Frederica Sagor Maas
(San Diego, California)

Jonathan Morse
(Manoa, Hawaii)

Barry Paris LBS star
(Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania)

Becca Pascoe LBS star
(Sacramento, California)

Christy Pascoe LBS star
(San Francisco, California)

Andrew Pepoy
(Chicago, Illinois)

Kelly Ramage
(Los Angeles, California)

McKenna Rowe
(Chicago, Illinois)

Uli Roessiger LBS star
(Berlin, Germany)

Camille Scaysbrook
(Sydney, Australia)

Stéphane Sonneville
(Lille, France)

Fabrice Vaillant
(Paris, France)

If you have contributed to the Louise Brooks Society and have been ommitted from this page, please contact the LBS.


A very special thanks to Barry Paris, whose ground breaking biography (as well as dinner and phone conversations) have inspired this website since its inception. Also, a special thanks to Christy Pascoe, a founding member of the LBS, for her ongoing moral support, web design expertise, and wide-ranging knowledge of film and fashion history.

The LBS would also like to thank Bill Berkson (San Francisco, California), Peter Cowie (Zurich, Switzerland), Gretchen Kalwinski (Chicago, Illinois), Vincent Lesh (Buffalo, New York), Hugh Munro Neely (Los Angeles, California), Fontaine Roberson (Portland, Oregon), Frank Thompson (Los Angeles, California), and Lee Tsiantis (Atlanta, Georgia). The many librarians who have aided research also deserve thanks. They, along with numerous institutions, are acknowledged on the Bibliography Acknowledgements page.

Gratitude as well to the late Gene DeGruson (Pittsburg, Kansas), the late Tony Salin (San Francisco, California), and the late, great Emil Petaja (San Francisco, California). Each was willing to listen and share. The LBS also owes thanks to Gary Frank and The Booksmith, the staff of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, and Ron Romano and the staff of the San Francisco Public Library. Thank you all very much.









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